Protections for Service Dogs under Ontario Animal Welfare Laws

This act also protects Service Dogs thus there is now on the books an actual fine for those who harm a service dog on or off duty.

Service animals are protected under section 17:

“17 No person shall cause harm, or attempt to cause harm, to an animal that works with peace officers in the execution of their duties, or to a service animal, whether or not the animal is working at the time of the harm.”

under section 49 it is considered a “major offense” to injure a service animal. An individual who harms a service animal is subject to a fine of not less than 25 000$ dollars, and not more than 130 000$ and/or 2 years in prison for the first offense, under section 49 (4) and (7).

allowing an animal to injure a service animal would likely fall under section 15 (3), which is:

“(3) No person shall knowingly or recklessly cause an animal to be exposed to an undue risk of distress.”

Distress includes injury and harm. A person who is not adequately controlling a dangerous or aggressive dog is recklessly endangering a service animal.

Animal Welfare n Service Dog Protection – Ontario Law

#Quote by Eudora Welt

The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something and tell what it saw in a plain way. Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, and thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, philosophy, and religion all in one.
– Eudora Welty, 1909 – 2001

Small Accomplishments

Feeling proud of myself, it is such a simple thing but for me, it is something that has been a long time in happening it feels.

What was this accomplishment?

I managed to take a full shower without falling. Yes for over a year, taking a shower has meant that I have been stumbling and almost falling (which is why I stopped having a shower and was doing the best I could sitting in our old tub). Since moving it has gotten worse, and here in the apartment, I couldn’t sit right in the tub to wash my hair or myself properly. Which had become a source of upset to me and one reason why I asked for an OT assessment to help make it possible for me to safely take a shower.

The OT assigned to me isn’t what I was hoping for so am waiting for another one to be assigned, but in the meantime, during the Black Friday sales at Canadian Tire, I stumbled upon a Steel Bath Safety Rail by AquaSense. It was 75% off the original price so a very good deal. So after much internal debate, I mentioned it to Norman and of course, he was like “well get it” this is knowing we are tight on budget n would effect funds for Christmas food, but he is much like my dad’s health n safety mean more than other things. So we got it.

I’m semi embarrassed to say it, but when I took my shower I tried to not use it but in the end, I was feeling dizzy and it actually did help me stay balanced without falling. It is going to take a little getting used to but it is going to help a lot for being able to balance properly for showering that is for sure.

Food Pricing Going up, up and up!

When it comes to food, it is always something that we need to have to survive, but over the years the prices have been going up, up and up. Well, next year is no different according to Global News’s broadcast entitled Here’s how much more Canadians will likely spend on food in 2020 it would seem that things are set to go up yet again and this time it is going to be more than in the past and those of us on low income are going to be the ones to suffer the most as we have a set income each month to buy food with and sadly this increase means even less food on the table and even more need to go to local Food Banks and other means of assistance from Soup Kitchens to just outright starving or as many of us do, go down to eating one meal a day because it is all that you can manage to have when making things stretch.

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