30 Days of… Mormon Quotes – Day 17

We go to the temple to make covenants, but we go home to keep the covenants that we have made. The home is the testing ground. The home is the place where we learn to be more Christlike. The home is the place where we learn to overcome selfishness and give ourselves in service to others. — Elder J. Ballard Washburn, Ensign, May 1995, p. 12

30 Days of… Mormon Quotes – Day 16

Adam and Eve could have avoided all [the wickedness of the world] if they stayed in the garden, but in pursuit of eternal progress they chose to leave for two reasons: family and knowledge. They would not have had children and they could not have become like the gods, knowing good from evil. And against all of those other very attractive and very accommodating and very pleasant reasons to stay in the garden, they left to have a family and gain knowledge and pass that knowledge on to their family. – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “That Our Children May Know…,” Speeches, Aug. 25, 1981, p. 157

30 Days of… Mormon Quotes – Day 15

The dispensation of divine truth in which we now live, in distinction from previous dispensations, will not be destroyed by apostasy. This is in fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy that “the God of heaven [shall] set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed” nor “left to other people.” President John Taylor affirmed this also when he said: “There is one thing very certain, . . and that is, whatever men may think, and however they may plot and contrive, that this Kingdom will never be given into the hands of another people. It will grow and spread and increase, and no man living can stop its progress.” — Elder James E. Faust, Ensign, May 1996, p. 5

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