YT Video on ways to push yourself in a wheelchair

I discovered this person some time ago on Instagram and started following him there, and today I was going through YouTube and his videos popped up in my search for information on wheelchairs (general search for info). I was pleasantly surprised to see his particular video, it is kind of funny to see some of what he talks about is how I used the first non-hospital wheelchair I used.

One of the points was how to turn the chair around and how many first time users tend to do so, I can honestly say that I never occurred to me to do it the first way he showed us the second way he showed it to the audience is the one that I did right off the bat, as it to me was the most logical way of doing it (when I did it I wasn’t thinking, I just did it without thinking).

Well, I hope you find his video interesting, will post more as time does allow for it.



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