80’s Cartoons Intro Overload! Part 1

M.A.S.K. – I bearly remember this show – i think i cuaght a single ep maybe two but thats about it (i remember the theme song most of all and not the show itself)

Centurions – don’t remember this show, but i do remember the toys that where produced to go along with the show

Defenders of the Earth – i can’t say I remember this show, though the chartues to look familure, so its not to say I never saw it I just don’t remember it specifically.

J.A.T.W.W – yet another show that I don’t remember, nore does it even sound familur or look familure

Visionaries – hmmm can’t say I remember this show either

Transformers – Oh ya now this is a show that I remember watching a world of a lot, use to come home from public school to watch it with out fail

The Real Ghostbusters – Sighs, saturday morning cartoon hour, or as time did past it was moved to the afternoon cartoon hour, i think i have a few eps still on VHS though no idea if the HVS taps stil exist for that matter.

Danger Mouse – no idea about this show

Dungeons and Dragons – I remember this being on, but I don’t recall ever seeing more then a few eps while at my grans place

Inspector Gadget – sighs another show that I use to watch weekday mornings before heading off to shool – mom use to have to tear me away from the TV to get me to school on time, cause I was so hooked on the show when I was younger.

Bananaman – never even hurt of this show what so ever

Captain Planet – I remember watching this show here and there, but never was able to watch it all the time cause the channel it was on never was good in reception, one of these days i’ll get to see the entire show from ep one to the last ep.



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