The Witch School Third Degree

The Witch School Third Degree
by Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell © 20008
EAN 978-0-7387-1303-8
333 pages
$29.95 (U.S.) $34.95 (Canada)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

This is the third, and final, “degree” book in this series. There remains one more book to come (devoted to “Ritual, Theory and Practice”) and, as such it makes certain assumptions. These assumptions are: First, that the reader is dedicated to the path of service which is implied by aspiring to a leadership position; second, that you are capable of sustained study; and third, that you have completed the study of the first two books in the series.

Although their approach may seem very simplistic in some ways (defining things in positive terms instead of negative ones), but this does not make them simple or easy to accomplish. It requires a change in attitude and thought patterns. As anyone who has ever tried to break a bad habit can tell you, this is far easier said than done. However, once it is accomplished personal rewards and insight are sure to follow. And each accomplishment makes the next attempt easier.

There are some aspects of this book which may cause even experienced members of the Wiccan community to doubt the sanity of the author. Lesson VI, on “time”, is one of those aspects. The idea that people can relive portions of their lives without being aware of it, or others being aware of it seems to push the boundaries of acceptable thought.

These books are written for two reasons, and they succeed in at least one of them. The first reason they exist is to provide training for Correllian priesthood, and I can’t evaluate that since I am not in that program. The second reason is to make the wider Wiccan/Pagan community aware of the beliefs and actions of the Correllian Tradition and how they interact with the wider community. In that they succeed admirably. That is not to say that everyone will agree with everything put forth in these books, but at least they can’t say they don’t understand where the tradition stands.

The subjects covered in this book are some that are not normally discussed in print, since many (if not most) of the books currently being written are at an extremely basic level. There is a need for more advanced materials. While some of the comments are sure to rankle some individuals they will, or should, stimulate discussions and further thoughts/

Obviously, merely reading this material, and doing the exercises, cannot make one a member of the high priesthood of the Correllian Tradition. You need personal contact, instruction and interaction to achieve that goal. Fortunately the tradition is in an expansive mode, and the number of temples, shrines, and individual practitioners is on the rise, so this contact is becoming easier.

While I cannot say that this system WILL work for you (every individual reacts differently to the same stimuli), I can say several things. First, the system appears to be consistent. Second, it incorporates – for the most part – ideas which have stood the test of time. And, most importantly, it is based on experience, not merely dogma and pronouncements from “on high.”

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to do the exercises and study the teachings, you will find yourself well-rewarded even if you decide not to pursue membership in the Correllian Tradition. This book (and series) while not NECESSARY, can certainly aid in spiritual and magical development. There is a wealth of material herein, which can be of benefit to all.



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