REVIEW: #RevlonXLashes product

I received the Revlon Mega Multiplierâ„¢ Mascara complimentary from Influencer on behalf of Revlon Canada for testing and review purposes.

Well like many know I do reviews of products that I receive for testing reasons and when I find something that I really like and wish to let other’s know about it in general, thus this time round I was chosen to review a product by Revlon called the “Revlon Mega Multiplierâ„¢ Mascara” got a email that it had arrived yet not package had, was about a week or two later that it actually came in the mail.

Well getting the product in the mail this is what I found when I opened it up…Revlon Mega-Multiplier Mascara

My first impression of the product before I even opened the package was “alright what colour is this suppose to even be? Blue?” ya looking at the packaging from the start i was wondering if they where sending a colour based for Halloween or something not a every day wear one. But it was a ever day one as once I really looked at the package and read it, turned to be a Blackened Brown (what ever the world that really means I still have no idea – guess it could mean it is suppose to be a really dark brown, which I guess it is).

Well I do wear Mascara I am not a fan of it because of Coon Eyes, so the fact that the product says it doesn’t bleed/smudge had me skeptical even before applying it and wearing it for a typical day. The instruction to get it off, though easy enough also made me think there was going to be more work then it stated. So yes I did approach this product from a critical stand point do to its nature and my past experiences using such.

Another thing I didn’t like about the product was that it is clumpy it doesn’t apply smoothly and if you don’t keep your eyes semi closed without he lashes touching your upper lid or check it comes off immediately onto your skin which is very irritating to wait for it to dry, even if it dried in 2 minutes thats not great to me.

Over all to me the product isn’t worth getting, no idea of its cost factor but if its within the range of other’s out there for me it isn’t worth the cost.

I only give this product a 2 out of 5 stars, was hoping to give it more but the drying time, coon eyes, eye lash clump, and no noticeable effect that I’m wearing it doesn’t make me with to buy it or recommend it to others, though I’ll always say just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean that will be the case for you as everyone is different and some products just work better for some people the other people.



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