Review of “The Harlequin”

Well I did say that I was not going to go to sleep till I finished reading it, and so I have and it only took me a little under 6 hours to read it cover to cover so to speak … and yes since then I have been re-reading it, am on my third passage through the book as I write this.

I will say this before the review does start that there might well be spoilers in the following paragraphs, so if you wish to not know about what happens in the book it best not to read further .. this is your only warning in this regards.

Well the book was even better then what I have read from the excepts that have been posted to the authors site … those excepts are what made me unable to not get the book as soon as it hit the shelves. Though unlike previous books in the series re-reading it many more times becomes less appealing with each re-read, which is a disappointment for me since I like re-reading books again and again and again, but only if the book keeps giving new info with each read (and most do), but this one doesn’t seem to have that same deal going on as of the third go though – unfortunately.

Well for starters as you might have read elsewhere or not, it does appear that the author is going back to basics as in trying not to have so much sexual content in the book, which is a shame in my personal opinion, I enjoy the direction the last few books have gone in, they work for me. The early books in the series are good, but just are not eye catching or riveting for me to keep reading them time and time again as the latest few books have been (from Burnt Offerings on wards really).

In the latest installment of the the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, we once again get a cameo of Edward, Olf and Edward’s son to be Peter, yes you read it right, Peter actually makes an appearance in this latest book of the series, as does Olf, though not much of an appearance for many fans, but it still leaves things open to have them come back in future books that is for sure. Another person back is Cookie “Haven”, yes you hear right he’s back and ready to take over Joephs Pard, with the backing of all the leaders of the collation, including Anita’s backing.

In this newest edition to the series we find Nathaniel becoming more dominant, or at least he’s not as laid back as we have come to see him over the course of the series … as in he finally gets the courage to ask Anita what he want’s her to do to him and with him. We all know that he is a submissive, but that he’s also into bondage of various natures. Anyhow, he finally states blunt blank to her that he wishes her to “abuse him” “dominate him” and what have you. Which as we all know she is so not comfortable with to start with, and that’s not yet changed – though from hints it might well change as the series does progress, that or we’ll see the split of Anita and Nathaniel as a couple.

In Harlequin, we finally get a little into Richard’s head, and understand why he’s not a good match for Anita, or why the adure didn’t choose him for her – so to speak. Its no real surprise for any who have been following the series I don’t think, but lets put it this way, you have to love yourself and be conformable with yourself before you can be that way with someone else, and well all know that he doesn’t like what he is at all.

Anita also acquires another “strain” of were animal into her mixed bag .. this one being weretiger … it does seem she is gaining all of the cat’s just like Bell has as her Animals To Call .. though its still not 100% sure that she will have others outside of the cat’s as her animal to cal or what have you .. one would hope that if she is a actual panwere that other non-cats might be possible if she got infected with their strain (then again who knows, but the author of the series where this particular side of things is going to end up ultimately – then again she might not even know).

We also have Anita’s first female on female action so to speak, and its with the most unlikely of person’s that most of us I am sure would not have expected it to happen with, then again maybe there where some hints of its possibility in previous novels, I’m not 100% certain there was or not but it didn’t come as a shock to have them together, since it wasn’t a big scene more a foot note type deal. And not I’m not saying who it was she was with, that’s for you to find out for yourselves.

It does appear that Asher ties to the werehyenas is causing the rodair a problem, which their King, Rafael seeks to remedy by offering himself to Anita as her pomme de sang, something to which she is not actually interested in, then again she’s still trying to come to terms with that side of herself, so thats so shocker there to start with i do not think. Rafael is also offering any of this fats up as blood or flesh donors

This book seems to be a catch up deal in many ways, explaining areas which have been left unspoken, and in other areas filling them out, with the side line of the Harlequin coming to town as a subplot almost. I have enjoyed reading it over a few times and I am looking forward to the next edition of the series – do out next year (long to wait it does feel).

Well take care and I hope that you yourself enjoy the latest book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series.



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