Got “The Harlequin”

Well I just got my paws on “The Harlequin” the latest book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, yes it hard cover and am not to pleased about the price, but since its a good year or so before it hits the shelves in paperback, lets say there’s little choice if I really want the book to read, and so far lets say its really hard to put down and write this when I rather be reading the book.

I’ll write a full review of the book shortly, but a spoler is that Edward brings his son into the picture, Haven “cookie monster” is back, weretiger gets added to anita’s mix bag of were strains that she carries and she’s going to try and get more into BDSM to help save her relationship with Nathanial (which should mean the next novel has more bdsm stuff in it if that is the turth that she says she will be doing).

Yes I skiped to the back of the book to read the last chapter, bad girl I know but hay its me, didn’t spoil the book for me at all if anything its set it up so that I’ll not be going to sleep tonight till I actaully finish reading the book cover to cover … which works for me, don’t have to get up early anyhow.

Well take care everyone,



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