Phi – A Thai Restaurant in Toronto

We where out today and since it was a uncommon deal I had saved a little up to take us out for lunch so we chose Phi a Thai place down town near to where we where going to be for the day. Get into the place and its LOUD and Dark and my first thought is time to leave! this isn’t something we are use to, but we see the place teeming with 20 somethings and early 30 somethings so figure it has to be at least decent to get that crowd of people (should have listen to my inner voice).

We are seated and given the menu, look at it and BLEEP not a lot of option in fact only two Gluten Free and Vegan options = Not impressed what so ever. But we order and I end up ordering the Pad Cha Hett, which according to the web site is a Vegan Shimeji Mushroom stir fry with a home made red chili paste, snow peas, bamboo shoots, basil leaves, wild ginger and peppercorn serve on steamed jasmine rice.

It eventually comes and smells decent I dig in and it tastes alright, not as spicy as I was expecting it to be from what the waiter had said it would be, was expecting a little more kick when there wasn’t any at all.

I can’t say it was worth the 12.00 that it cost there wasn’t a lot of veggies and the rice was just what ever. We actaully regret going in there for lunch and really should have gone to Freshii instead would have gotten more food for our buck and at a better price and quality of food, not to mention healthier and less noisy atmosphere. Needless to say we will NOT be back to that Thai place again and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else either.



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