Making a Carafe in the Keurig 2.0

The above video is a video that I took with my phone for a product review / demo for Keurig Canada though the Influenster Canada VoxBox program of the #Keurig2point0 which included the Carafe, this 2.0 now allows you to brew upwards of 5 cups of coffee at a time using their new system with a K-Carafe Cup using the Carafe (which is in short a coffee pot), as yet there isn’t the option to make a Carafe of Hot Chocolate or Tea, but maybe in time it will be something that will be added to their lineup (I know Norman would like the option of doing up a pot of hot chocolate on occasion instead of cup after cup after cup of the single brew option).

All in all yes we both did enjoy being able to test out the new Keurig, it was fun and a interesting change to our normal deal of brewing coffee and making hot chocolate.



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