Heroes … great ep “Godsend”

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Well I did enjoy watching Godsend last night on global, its was a good ep, though ofcourse it leaves more questions to be asked then answered, but thats typical for the show it does appear.

I know I wouldn’t mind being able to watch the show online, but the site still doesn’t let anyone outside of the US view it, which sucks big time!

I even missed the freaking interactive deal on the site, because when it was on for me it wasn’t on the site, and it freaking site says check local listings, well guess what it was on while I was trying to check out the site, where it told me I could do so, guess they lied,or rather miss information big time. growls at american site that sucks.

Oh well enough ranting behind the cut is three previews for the upcoming part of the season, take care everyone.



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