Heroes and Jericho

Well I am still watching it, its still not my attention.

I must say that the last ep “Seven Minutes to Midnight” I must admit it turned out to be an interesting ep.

Makes you wonder just how bad a person the cheerleaders father is, or if he really does care about what happens for the good of his daughter. So far I’m still doughting he has her best interests at heart, but like all things time will tell what the truth of the matter is in regards to that.

Peter’s abilities are interesting as it does seem he can pick on up any ability of who ever he’s around, which would be a cool ability if that is really what happens to him.

ep 9 preview


Also JERICHO still have my attention and its proving to still be an interesting tv show to watch, though I must admit its slow pace doesn’t have me watching it as closely as I might. I watch it, but some of it just seems like its not well thought out, I’m starting to wonder if it will even make it to a second season or not, at the rate its going it might not make it I’m not really sure at this point in time.

Tonight’s ep looks like it should be an interesting ep, though I can’t seem them killing off jake, hurting him yes, but not killing him off, not just yet at any rate. Though killing off one or more of the towns people that I can easly see happening tonight.

Ep 9 Preview

You Did a Good Thing (Jericho music vid)



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