Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is out tomorrow

Well I’ve not yet gotten my copy of the book, it should be arrive sometime tomorrow, but no idea what time of the day it will arrive, guess time will tell.

I’ve looked at a few fan sites, and some have posted who gets killed off, and other spoliers, and yes I did seek out the spolers to see what happens, and no it doesn’t rune the story line for me if anything it makes me want to read it even more, to get the full story line that takes place without feeling the need to rush through the book.

I will say, I was right in my thinking about who would get killed in part, and a not to suprised about who the people are killed will be, I think other people new it was going to happen because of various things leading up to this point.

Not to mention who will get hitched up in the end of it all, chuckles. Now that is a great deal I would say big time. Though if you do read the books cover the cover you can see their pairings taking place over time, and with the final book I am sure there will be the closures which will give it away by the end of the book, I know there is.

I will be writing my own review of the book once I’ve read it though a few times, and yes likely a form of spoliers will be added, mostly names and comments as tends to be my way of writing in general when it comes to reviews, but don’t fear it will be behind a cut, so you don’t have to read it if you don’t wish to do so.

Well take care everyone,



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