Got “The Spark”

Well I did get the book, took almost 10 min to find it in the shop since there was only 4 copies in stock and all but 1 copy has already been spoken for and the single copy that they had left wasn’t even out in the shop but back in the racks.

I will admit that I was NOT pleased about the cost of the book – but then my reason for that is because I actually do lack the funds to get the book, so getting it means I can’t get food for a week, so have to make due with what is already in the house.

I’m going to choose to Twitter my reviews of the book as I go though it – then I’m going to write an full book review once I’ve completed the book. Then once I’ve completed the books program going to write another review based on that, and see how it goes.

Thus far looking though the book and the site itself that is open only to those who have the book, I’m not yet impressed with the options, but it might because at a glance there is noting new in the book that I’ve not yet see or dun though the site in the 1372 days (3.7 years) that I’ve been a member of the site. That and looking at the photo selection and only seeing ONE single Canadian among all the American’s just makes me shake my head, not a single person from the UK, France or the like is in the book yet I know there are Spark members here on site who have dun a great deal from these countries – but then its an American author, an American site and thus geared at Americans so why should I be surprised at what I see at a glance within its pages.

Well take care everyone, will twitter more about the book and my thoughts on it as I get though it and blog as the change allows me to do so.



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