Beach Rib Fest – update

Well today was the first of the three days of the Beach Rib Fest at Woodbine Park here in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The turn out for the first day was good in general, maybe not as many people as many of the venders where looking for on this day, but being that its a Friday they had a fair turn out I feel. Tomorrow they will do better if the weather holds out for them that is, weekends always seem to make events such as this go better. The music that was on offer from the live band was enough to get a few little feet a dancing and many older feet a tapping as well. Not to mention some singing along which was a nice change to things since I am so use to going to these events and the music that gets played is not something that I tend to enjoy overly much, but todays line up was actually enjoyable, which made eating the food that much better.

There where several venders at the fest which where had their wears on display and well a couple of them stood out from the rest, at least to me. Camp 31 BBQ team turned out a mighty fine Chicken and Rib combo at a fair price and just the right tenderness that it fell off the bone just right. According to their manager Scott the original sauce that they use is the same one that was developed 22 years ago. The team that he had there was college kids from both the US and Canada – his company employ college kids to give them work and well one thing I can say about that sauce was yummers and I am not one to like BBQ sauce on ribs let alone on my chicken, it takes a good sauce for me to actually wont to go back for seconds if not thirds.

The one place offering a burger well it looked interesting, their take on the pulled pork was different, but if you have an allergy to poppyseed then well Ted’s was the place to avoid eating at, since their Burgers and pulled pork where served on poppyseed buns and they didn’t have any alternative for the bun, which was a disappointment. According to Norman the pulled pork was alright but it wasn’t what he had hoped it to be, it happens can’t like all the fair that one choose to eat.

One place that got Norman’s two thumbs up was Pappy’s Old Fashioned Soda Pops, he managed to get a 32 oz Birch Beer (root beer) in a tin cup and the tin cup was something that you got to take away with you as part of the deal, and you can take the cup back all weekend and get it refilled for a low cost. I will agree with him that it was a better bargain for the pop then a few of the other places that where offering pop with their offerings, but since it was one of the few places that he could get a pop that was also Caffeine Free was just another bonus.

We’re going to try and get back to the fest tomorrow and see what shots we can get of the people who are attending, but will have to see how the weather holds, if not then will likely end up hitting it on Sunday which is suppose to have good weather all day long.



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