What Is A Witch?

What is a Witch? For years I have asked myself this same question. I have done research on many religions to get “their” point of view on Faith, belief, and God.  So, to many that think that I have been mislead to this religion, they are wrong!  I consider myself a very level-headed adult, with freewill to choose and decide for myself.

Through the years of  religious study I have come upon my answer to this Question — what is a witch?

A witch is a name; just a name…anyone can call themselves a witch and some do, but do they truely understand the meaning behind the name?

This was my first question, as I entered the “craft”. I did not consider myself a “Witch”, when I first started to study witchcraft.. Because I was not sure that this was truely the path for me.  As many years went by, and my studies increased, I came to the conclusion that I am a “Witch”!  I will tell you why.

Like I said before, the word “Witch” is just a label given to someone who studies the craft and is only a name, but to know that you are a Witch is completely different. You can not become a Witch overnight, or just by calling yourself one — to freakout your parents.

To be a Witch is much more.  It is self-knowledge, self-understanding, and a total different way of life. You must go beyond the realms of your normal  life and see All things with an open mind. Open yourself to the possiblities that something more exsit out there. A person must come to the understanding that all things connect and coincide with one another. That nature is above all the most important aspect of living, it is our source, the  life string of our existance. To disrespect nature is to disrespect ourselves. Witches honor nature and the source, the bearer of all things, the ALL. Witches also believe that, in all things there is positive and negative. Everything is made up of energies. It is what you do with those energies that makes you who you are. For excess is stepping over the natural balance of things.

Respect is the biggest lesson to learn in Witchcraft. We must respect our land, our air, our water, and our people. When we learn respect we learn the truth of our nature. As stated in the rede “And ye’ harm none do what thou will.”  If we respect our surrounding, we will find a new way of seeing and cherishing our earthly mother and all of her people. We do not harm, create hexes, or black magick that would not be our nature, because we know what respect is! So what is a witch then?

I  bet many have passed a witch on the street or spoke to a witch at the grocery store and never knew it!  Some of you may even have a sister, brother, or friend that is a clandesent Witch.  This is because a Witch is NOT someone who goes around braging that they practice the craft.  They know as well as I , that to be a Witch is definately not about a social exceptance, or an effort to live up to the social status quo. A Witch is someone who believes that all have the right to uphold their own religion and worship their God as they choose. A witch is so confident in her/his religion that they do not feel the need to recrute or persway others to their religion. Many find the craft through self-direction, self-choice, and the need to find  the “truth”.  This is done by the person searching for answers, not a fellow witch saying “come join our group….we’re a friendly bunch”, like some religions. We also believe that all people learn and understand at their own pace.  No religion should be forced upon anyone.  If the craft is right for them, it will be there when they are ready.

So, to sum up what I feel is a “Witch”, it is not some “old hag” with a huge wort on her nose, or the crazy lady down the street. A Witch is an understanding , caring , loving, beautiful person. She/He is a part of nature, and nature is beautiful — so is all of the Gods’ people.

~ Written By FreyaLoveMoon ~

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