Using Colour In Magic

The Significance Of Colour
Think of your magik as a way of joining forces with the energy in nature. All energy vibrates with it’s own sound or frequency, and it’s own colour. You want to compliment natures energy with your own, and with your choice of tools to represent the energy you are attempting to create. But how do you know what colour goes with what energy? Like all things, it depends on how you want to approach or utilize the energy.

You can chose colours based on energy, on the chakra system, or your personal symbology. Which ever method you chose, you should stick to that interpretation. So write it down! Within my tradition, we use a colour table based on the chakra system for healing.

A Colour Table
Below is a table of the varying ways to look at or represent colour in your magikal exercises. This is just a guide based on our view, so don’t take this as the only way to represent colour in your magikal exercises. Research and practice for ourself to find the best combination for you.

Colours  The Chakra System  An Energy System
White For Divine Spiritual Work, such as prayer, increasing your spiritual knowledge, meditation, etc. For purity and/or protection. Can also be used for general magik or as a symbol of the divine forces.

Purple For Psychic work, such as divination, psychic communication, psychic development, channeling, etc. For heightened spiritual awareness, self-esteem, and high ideals.

Light Purple: For actively working on the balance of each aspect of life (personal, spiritual, professional), attitudes and acceptance of others, and existence with other life.

Mid-Dark: For intense spiritual work to evolve onces soul through knowledge and experience.

Dark Green For matters of the heart, such as love, compasion, patience, heart conditions, etc. For Healing

Light Green shades, for the onset or potential emotional or physical injury.

Darker Green shades, for an injury that has already occurred and is in the process of healing. For Americans, green can also be used for financial abundance. Other culture may prefer to use a colour that represents currency in their country.

Light Green Yellow to Gold For protection, strength, courage or increasing your “gut feeling” or psychic feelers Yellow: For clearity, intelligence, wisdom, and success.

Gold: For overcoming jealousy, selfishness and negative perceptions.

Orange For stabilizing emotions, increasing abundance or conducting money spells For creating confidence, ambition, pride, self-sufficiency.

Red For grounding your energies, increasing physical pleasure, as well as problems with impotence or fertility For combating fear or anger, self hatred or negative emotions.

Brown For Spells of Justice, such as helping a law suit, combating a lie or deception In general, for combating selfishness, deception, confusion or discouragement.

Light Brown: For over coming lack of confidence in ones self.

Dark Brown: For overcoming selfishness, fault finding, and a tendency toward deception.

Blue For working with pride, adoration, or dedication. For masculine emotions, or energies. As a representation of the God. For helping to find your way, spiritually searching.

Lighter blues generally indicate a beginning of a spiritual quest, a journey that will fill the ‘missing’ pieces of ones current existence.

Darker blues are typically used when one has their spiritual path and is continuing their education.

Pink For feminine emotions, or energies. As a representation of the Goddess. Different cultures represent love or the heart with different colours; a common American colour would be pink for love or red for matters of the heart.

Black For overcoming hatred, negativity, depression and miserly. If used in a ritual for undoing, you can create energies to reverse these emotions. For undoing a spell that has been cast upon you, for creating confusion or stress (please remember what you put out you will get back. We only conduct spells of undoing when we’re working a case with the police. We ask for confusion and stress within the body and mind of the criminal who the police are trying to capture. In this way, we hope the criminal will make a mistake in their actions that will help the police find the evidence, clues and information needed for an arrest and conviction.)



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