The Ultimate 10 Unexplained Mysteries

ARE: Crop Circles , Miracles , Monsters , Ghosts , Faith Healing , Spontaneous Human Combustion , ESP , UFO , Alien Abduction , and Life after Death.
Ancient Aviators – Drawings on cave walls thousands of years ago depicting flying machines and men. How were the giant ground drawings of insects,animals, & man created in Peru that can only be viewed from the air? How were the pyramids created so precisely that we cannot duplicate today? Have UFOs been around for many centuries? Are we so ego-inflated to believe that only the planet earth has living beings, out of millions of planets? Open up your mind and use some logic in your thinking!! We are not alone in the universe.

Crop Circles – Many,many explanations but none hold water as to the truth. We may never know the full truth. The patterns are so large & intricate that man cannot make overnight.

Ancient humans referred to the sky as ‘heaven’. Elijah was whisked up to heaven (abducted by chariots of fire-Kings II, 2-11)-UFO ? How did Moses and his people survive in the desert for (40) years? Could they have been fed by Aliens ? Could Angels have been Aliens ? What does Ezekial 1:16(a wheel in a wheel),1:5(they had the likeness of a man), 1:18 (their rings were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes ,1:19(and when the living creatures went the wheels went by them; and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up) tell us ?

St.Peter (Acts 12:7) was jailed and rescued by an Angel or Alien ? Were Abraham’s three visitors really Angels or Aliens ? Why would he offer his daughters to Angels ?

Some bible info:
In 331 A.D. Constantine told the high priests to write a bible of christianity.
Some of the forbidden books of the Bible:
Life of Adam & Eve–differs from the Genesis version

Enochs–lived 365 years, angels & mortal women had giants

Gospel of James (Jesus’s brother)–Mary had many children-not a virgin

Gospel of Mary

Gospel of Nicodemus–Trial of Jesus, Jesus in hell, heaven & hell exists on earth

Infancy Gospel of Thomas(in Koran)–Jesus between ages 5-12

Gospel of Peter

Is there a mention of heaven or hell in Hebrew bible or old testament?

New Testament was written in Greek & some translations are incorrect NT was written after Jesus was born. Why ?

NT was written 40-100 years after Jesus death. Why so long ?

Revelation was written (60) years after Jesus death

Story of Jesus in Mark & “Q” was copied by Matthew and Luke with some contradictions

Paul wrote (14) books of the bible but not given credit for all

Mary was pregnant when wed to Joseph-There was Nothing in Greek bible about Mary being a virgin

Many books of the Gospels (Thomas, Peter) were banned. Why ?

Where was Jesus from age 12-30 ? In India learning Buddism ?

Who did Jesus marry? When? Mary Magdalene ?



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