The Fey Folk

Red Cap Gnomes:
They stand about 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall. Their ears are pointed with the tips at a slight downward descent, while their eyes are slanted upwards. Many of the men have beards. The more traditional Gnomes often wear red caps. They are all very beautiful. They each choose at what age they wish to represent themselves. Some appear very youthful while others may take on the aspect of a more mature person with white hair and white beard. They live to be thousands of years old. They are filled with great spiritual wisdom and unlimited love and compassion. They were one of the first of the tribes of Fair Folk to leave the physical realm to travel to the distant realms closer to the Mother and Father Creator, and they now live in the realm nearest to the Holy Parents referred to as Tir Na n’Og.

Green Cap Gnomes:
Their appearance is the same as the Red Caps, except for theiGreen Caps which denote their tribe. They also live to be thousands of years old. They are the caretakers of the nature kingdom, and they live in a realm close to the physical earth which places them on the front lines between humanity and Mother Earth. They endure much emotional pain from the devastation of the Great Mother by humans.

The Elves are a very tall and beautiful people. The average height of the men is 6 to 7 feet, while that of the women is around 6 feet. Their ears are pointed at the tips, and their eyes are slanted upwards. They are thousands of years old, but not as old as the Gnomes. They live in various kingdoms spread throughout the realms, but those we have contact with live in the same realm as the Red Cap Gnomes. The Elven warriors still travel to other realms to do battle against the Evil One and his minions, as do some of the warrior Gnomes.

They are beautiful, tiny, winged beings, who stand only a few inches tall. Their wings are shaped muchlke butterfly wings, usually transparent, but reflecting many colors, though they can change their wings’ colors or appearance at will. They seldom wear clothes, but do so on occasion so as not to offend those of a more prudish nature. They are very playful, but also very ancient and filled with spiritual wisdom.

They are lovely, spiritual beings of about a foot in height. They sometimes wear clothes, especially around humans. When they do, the female Brownies wear tops that are flattering, but not particularly lowcut. Their skirts are flowing so they have freedom of movement. They often don’t wear shoes, as they want to feel the Earth beneath their feet, but if they do wear shoes, they are lightweight so they can feel the Earth as much as possible. They sometimes wear cone-shaped hats made of soft materials which are rounded at the end. The hats rest on their head in a relaxed position, and you can see their hair flowing out from beneath the cap. Within their hair is always a braid, ethr in the back or the front, and within the braid they weave flowers or leaves or feathers or some other item from nature, depending on the area where they live and their particular focus in helping Mother Earth. Their clothes reflect the colors of the area where they live. Sometimes they may also wear vests. There is an upward point at the tips of their ears, which turn down just a bit at the ends. They always make sure never to cover their ears with their hair, as they are proud of their ears and consider them a point of beauty. Their eyes are almond-shaped with an upward slant, and their eyebrows are finely shaped and reflect the upward slant of their eyes. They have beautiful singing voices, and they always carry some sort of musical instrument, often a flute. They sometimes create drums or flutes from hollowed-out branches. They are fond of imitating sounds of nature in a musical way, and they do so often with their voices or instruments.

They are beings similar to angels who live I th realms near Earth. They oversee a particular area and try to protect it from destruction by humans. They help direct the Gnomes and others who also work to protect Mother Earth. When an area they protect is devastated, it is very painful for them, but they will stay there until the very end. Then they will return to the realms further from Earth for healing before returning to try to protect another area from the humans who would destroy the veryland upon which they walk.

True to their legend, the upper half of their torso is human with two arms, while the lower half is that of a powerful horse. Like the rest of the Faerie, they are very beautiful. The males and females both often go bare-chested, though they sometimes wear clothing, particularly on formal occasions.

Dragons come in many different forms, but one we have met is a red dragon with a head shaped similarly to a horse. He has round eyes and scales that look much like smooth skin. His ears go up and hen ilt down at the ends. His neck is long like a horse’s neck, and his body somewhat resembles a horse. He has four fingers and a thumb on his front feet, which are longer than a human hand and have longer nails. His legs are muscular, and his back legs have six toes and claws. His long three-forked tail has webbing between the forks which acts like the tail of a kite. He has large wings with scales resembling feathers which can lay flat or be fluffed up like those of a bird. He likes to sit up in human fashion during conversations. He is extremely ancient and does, in fact, breathe fire.

As the legends portray them, their upper portion is like a human body, while their lower body is in the form of a fish with iridescent scales. Like most Fair Folk, they are very beautiful, and can turn their lower half to human form with little effort if they wish to leave the water and walk about on land.

Their upper portion is human, while their lower portion is that of a two-leged hofed animal. They are, of course, beautiful. Horns of various sizes grow out of their heads, which unfortunately resulted in stories told by misguided priests who referred to them as horned devils. This is a lie, for they are as a rule very gentle and loving.

Like the legends, they are beautiful horses with a horn in the middle of their forehead. They converse with others of the Faerie, because in Tir Na n’Og there are no language barriers as there are on Earth.

Winged Horses:
They are horses with wings. Both they and the Unicorns participate as mounts for the Elves and Gnomes when they go to battle in the other realms.

Small brown furry beings with pointy ears and tails. They have their own language which is quite understandable in the land of Faerie.

They are tall, gangly beings with long snouts who lick tree energy which the tree freely gives. In return, they give energy to the tree. They move slowly and have small hooflike tree-toed feet. Their bodies tend to take on the color of tree trunks. Their pelt is covered with fine hair, and on their shoulders and arms, they may take on the shape of leaves and the tree they have an affinity for. They might also have a mane of leaves. In the fall, they tend to mimic trees and shed the leaves which grow on their shoulders, back portions, head and along their limbs. They have 6 or 7 fingers on each hand. They are very versatile and strong.

Salmon of Wisdom:
They eat of the hazelnuts of wisdom which grow on the trees which hang over the wells where flow the waters of the Great Mother.

The Dark Faerie:
The Dark Faerie are made up of an unpleasant group of ugly and evil goblins, trolls, and ogres who follow the Evil One himself. Some beautiful Dark Elves also follow the Evil One. None of the Dark Faerie are ever invited to our home, and we don’t encourage you to invite them to yours. Remember that anything they offer will be in their best interests, but not yous.



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