Self Dedication

Many people ask, “How do I become a Pagan?” The answer is simple – a self dedication such as this is sufficient. While one-on-one instruction and the initiatory experience are worth-while, it isn’t necessary to be brought into Paganism by another, you can do it yourself by making a formal commitment to the Goddess and to yourself.

Ed Fitch; author of Magical Rites from the Crystal Well, is one of the Neo-Pagan scholars who set up the Pagan Way in the 1960’s. He personally researched and wrote the basic cycle of rituals for that system, as well as many other Pagan liturgies including this Self-Dedication.

It should be performed during the New Moon, but isn’t limited to that time. Need, not season, determines the performance. It’s powerful and should be done only in time of need, and not frivolously.

The purpose is to bring the individual into closer contact with the divine. It may be used by a person wanting to make such a commitment, or as a minor exorcism to banish any evil influences which may have formed around a person.

Perform the ritual in a quiet place, free from distractions, and without clothing. You will need the following items:

a quarter-teaspoon of salt;
about an ounce of wine (or juice);
about a half-ounce of water;
and a candle.

The result of the ritual is a feeling of peace and calm. It’s desirable that you bask in the afterglow so that you may meditate and understand that you’ve called the attention of the Godhead to yourself, asking to grow closer both in goals and in wisdom.

When you are ready to begin, sprinkle the salt on the floor and stand on it, lighting the candle. Let the warmth of the candle be absorbed into your body. Mix the water with the wine/juice meditating on your reasons for performing this self-blessing.

Then say the following, aloud:
Bless me Mother, for I am your child.

Dip the fingers of the right hand into the mixed water and wine/juice, and annoint the eyes. Then say:
Blessed be my eyes, that I may see your path.

Annoint the nose, and say:
Blessed be my nose, that I may breathe your essence.

Annoint the mouth, and say:
Blessed be my mouth that I may speak of you.

Annoint the breast, and say:
Blessed be my breast, that I may be faithful in my work.

Annoint the loins, and say:
Blessed be my loins, which bring forth the life of men and women as you have brought forth all creation.

Annoint the feet, and say:
Blessed be my feet, that I may walk in your ways.

Remain and meditate for a while.



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