Prosperity Pentacles

· 4 tbsp. ground Cloves
· 4 tbsp. ground  Cinnamon
· 4 tbsp. ground Nutmeg
· 4 tbsp. ground Ginger
· 3 drops  Cinnamon oil
· 3 drops Clove oil
· 3 drops Nutmeg oil
· 2 tbsp. Gum  Arabic
· 4 tbsp. Water

Gather all of the spices above and mix them  well together. Add the gum arabic to the water and mix the two thoroughly. Once  that is done, let that mixture stand until all of it is absorbed by the water.

Add the spices to the mixture and blend well with your fingers. This will make a  firm dough mixture. If this mixture is too wet add a few more bits of the ground  spices. Once it is all mixed and ready, take you hands and form this mixture  into flat one inch circular shapes.

With a knife or the end of a brush trace  along the inside of the circle and pentagram onto each of the circles. When this  is done, set these in a warm, dry place to harden.

When they are dry, you can  carry this in your purse or pocket to promote prosperity. You can also place  these on your altars with the appropriate incenses and green or gold candles.

After about a month or so, refresh your prosperity by either burying it in the  earth or wrapping it up and storing it in a safe place.



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