No Yule/xmas Tree This Year

Sighs, dad’s put his foot down and there will be no yule / xmas tree put up this year … I never got his reasoning for the matter, he just put the tree and the trimming away this morning.

So this will be the first year ever without a tree or the trimming up, sighs this does not go well, not to mention its hurting mom big time as she love’s this time of year. Its so NOT right that is punishing her for this, its his own freaking issues about this time of year that he needs to deal with and not let them rain over everyone else!

I am very glad that I will be at least having a happy YULE with my GF, that will help to various degrees, but still I’d like to have a happy Xmas with my folks as well, but as it stands its not looking like that will be the case – sighs/growls.

On a positive note mom is letting me out of the house to get supper, even if dad doesn’t want me to go out, mom thinks like I do that I need to see how things are when I go out and no time like the present, even if I’m not 100% I need out of this house I’ve not been out since I was at the doc’s almost two weeks ago!

Well take care everyone,



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