Moon Magick, Facts & Lore

The moon passes through 5 destinct phases:
1. Dark Moon (not visable)
2. New Moon (crescent moon)
3. Waxing Moon (growing moon)
4. Full Moon (fertile moon)
5. Waning Moon (shrinking moon)

The Dark Moon is the most secretive and powerful time to consider spell casting, although you should wait until the moon is visable before conducting your ritual. It has the power to pour light into your desire.

The Waxing Moon building up to the Full Moon is the time for calling on your desires and making them grow into manifestation.

The Full Moon is the time for making powerful statements about how you wish your life to be. The 13 Full Moon rituals are called Esbats, and during these one of the major acts of magick, “drawing down the moon” is performed.

The Waning Moon is the time for making reducing spells (losing weight, moving from an old home, etc.) and releasing all those thoughts and situations that no longer serve you.

The Moon and the Sun
The Moon is — reflective, meditative, calm

The Sun is — brilliant, restless, hot

The Moon — changes shape, shifts from darkness to light

The Sun — remains constant and intense

The Moon is — receptive, feminine, mysterious

The Sun is– a great masculine force, projective

The Moon– reflects the darkness of the unconscious

The Sun– pours the light of consciousness over the world

The Moon is associated with– serpents, bulls, and spiral images

It rules — the seas, tides, and the menstrual cycle She is a fertility symbol

The Moon reigns over — Worlds of intuition, psychic ability, poetry, rain, emotions, travel, questing, secrets, reflection and meditation, memory, prophecy, plant life, healing, and the inexorable march of time

She is — Soothing, contained, and symbolically speaking–every bit as powerful as her consort, the Sun

She represents — Birth, growth, fulness, decline, death, and rebirth.

Moon Worship
Moon worship preceded Sun worship in every primitive society. The names given to the Moon Goddess are:
Artemis–Virgin Huntress
Aphrodite–Goddess of Love
Hera–Mature Mother
In Ancient Egypt she is–Isis, Hathor, and Seshat
The Eskimos called her–Sedna
The Chinese named her–Shing Moon
The Celts called her–Morgana
All over the world, rituals were held in her honor.

In the Wiccan religion, she is celebrated on the following days:
Winter Solstice: December 20-23
Candlemas: February 2nd
Spring Equinox: March 20-23
Beltane: May Day
Summer Solstice: June 20-23
Lughnasad: August 1st
Fall Equinox: September 20-23
Samhain (Halloween): October 31

Dream Gatherers: A Dream Myth
This particular myth connects the Moon with the morning dew. Every morning, so the tale goes, the Moon Maiden gathers all the world’s forgotten dreams and buried memories into a lovely silver chalice. Every morning she returns them to Earth in the form of dew or “Moon Sap”. Thus, nothing meaningful is lost; everything comes and goes.

The Moon Maiden
(A Japanese Moon Myth)

One spring, a fisherman named Hairukoo sat down on the seashore to rest. He marveled at the blue sea sparkling in the sunlight, the shining sands, and the tall pine trees in the background. “The world is fair”, he thought to himself.

Looking around, he spotted a robe hanging on a tree. He thought no more of the lovely scene in front of him, for the robe was the most beautiful and rare thing that he had ever seen. It was made of pure white feathers, wonderfully fashioned and soft to the touch. He was just about to lift it from the tree, when he saw a maiden coming towards him from the sea.

“The robe is mine,” she said. “Give it to me, kind fisherman.” She was a lovely maiden and her voice was sweet and musical, that Hairukoo found even more pleasure in looking at her and listening to her words.

“I have found it,” he said “and cannot possibly part with a thing so wonderful. It must be placed among the treasures of Japan.” The maiden clasped her hands and implored, “Without it I cannot fly, and will never be able to get back to my home in the heavens. Give it to me kind fisherman, I pray you.”

Hairukoo could not make up his mind. The maiden was beautiful, but so was the robe, so he hardened his heart and continued to refuse. The maidens pleading finally softened his heart and he said, “I will give it to you, if you dance here on the sands before me.”

The maiden’s face brightened, and she replied, “I will dance the dance which I dance at home with my sisters, that makes the Palace of the Moon turn around, so that even men can see it. But I cannot dance without my feathers.”

“I will not give it to you until you have danced,” said Hairukoo. “If I do you will fly away and I will never see you dance at all.”

The maiden grew angry. “On earth you may break your promises.” she said “But among those who dwell in the Heavens, falsehood is unknown.”

Ashamed of himself, Hairukoo handed the robe to the maiden without another word. She donned the robe, and drew from it a musical instrument that gave forth the most delightful sounds. In a clear voice, the maiden sang of the wonderful things that were to be seen in the Palace of the Moon. Thirty kings were throned in that Palace.

Fifteen of them wore white robes, and while they ruled the Moon shone down upon the people of the earth. Fifteen of the kings wore black robes, and during their reign the Moon waned until it was seen no more. When the maiden was finished, she sang of Japan and blessed the country promising that the gods would grant it fruitfulness and beauty.

Then her song became a chant in a language that Hairukoo could not understand and her feet left the golden sands, and her feathers bore her up to the heavens, back to the Palace of the Moon.

Scientific studies have concurred that hurricanes, typhoons, and storms are more likely to occur within a few days of either the New Moon or the Full Moon. Rings around the Moon are considered to be a reliable predictor of rain. Ancient sailors dreaded the appearance of a star too close to the Moon–it meant that a storm was just ahead.

If the Moon shows a silver shield,
Be not afraid to reap your field
But if she rises haloed round
Soon we’ll tread on deluged ground.

Under the Waxing Moon…(growing and expanding) plant fruits and veggies that grow above ground. Reap foods that will be eaten immediately.

Under the Full Moon…Collect grapes for wine, spread fertilizer, and water seedlings. Plants are at their fullest expression during this cycle.

Under the Waning Moon…Think of harvesting, planting, preserving, storing, or drying the produce. This is the time to tend to the land that will soon be barren. For the plants that thrive underground, this is the time to plant.

“The man who has seen the rising moon break out of the clouds at midnight has been present like an archangel at the creation of light and of the world.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Moon Facts
The Moon was formed 4.6 million years ago. A billion-year-long meteor shower shaped its mountains and craters.

The highest peak of the Moon is Mt. Huygens (rises 25,000 ft. above the Moon’s surface)

Its deepest crater is 10,000 ft. below the surface

Its location is 225,755 miles from Earth

Its temperature can reach as high as 212 degrees F at Lunar Noon

Its size–
surface area: 11,700,000 sq. miles
diameter: 2,160 miles

No atmosphere, weather, or seasonal change. Each lunar day lasts 14 Earth days. Its largest craters are: Bailly (184 miles), Clavius (140 miles), and Schickard (139 miles)

In ancient times, women feared falling asleep under a full moon for fear of being “mooned”–becoming pregnant by the Moon.

A marriage consummated at the Full Moon in June will last a lifetime.

Pregnant women who stroll unde a Full Moon will give birth to lunatics.

“When the Moon is Full, then wit’s in the wane.”

Meditation on the Moon
Choose a night of the Full Moon and light a silver candle at Gabriel’s hour (9pm). Sit where you can observe the Moon and begin to breathe quietly and deeply, inhaling the mystic light of Her silvery rays in your imagination so that, as you breathe out, you exhale a beautiful outpouring of white magical radiance. See yourself and your surroundings as suffused with this light. Say to the Moon:

Moon-Goddess, Enchantress and Mistress of the night, I pray that I might be endued with the grace and the strength of your majesty and beauty and enchantment of your magnetism. I experience the bliss of your peace, tranquility and power. I hail you as Queen of Wisdom and the Receptive Soul. All my life I shall walk in the charmed circle of your wisdom, beauty, power, serenity and mystery. I am filled with the heavenly peace of your motherly love, which enfolds me tenderly within the great white wings of Isis, whose radiant presence is with me in every life situation.

Sit for a few minutes contemplating the Moon’s mysteries, then bow to Her and blow out your candle.


Magickal Moon Signs
The Best Moon Phases for different types of magick…

Moon Phase:
*New Moon: Beginnings: Love and marriage
*Crescent: The movement of things/Manifestation: Emotions, Change
*Full: Completion/Power: Love, Romance

Moon Sign:
Moon in —
Taurus: Things begun now last longest

Cancer: Stimulates emotional rapport, Supports growth
Leo: Passions, pleasures, love affairs, sex
Libra: Partnerships and harmony, Marriage
Aquarius: Friendship

Day of the week:
Monday[Moon] = emotions, love. [feminine]
Tuesday[Mars] = lust, passion, sex. [masculine]
Friday[Venus] = lovers and pleasure, love, peace, affairs[feminine]
Sunday[Sun] = happiness, fun. [masculine]


Moon Phase:
*Crescent: The movement of things: Business
*Full: Completion/Power: Money

Moon Sign: Moon in:- Aries: Starting financial ventures
Taurus: Things started now increase in value. Can create habits.
financial matters. Real estate
Leo: Stocks and bonds. Be generous.
Libra: Partnerships.
Scorpio: Taxes. Inheritances. Wills.
Capricorn: Business. Career.
Pisces: All kinds of Magick.

Days of the week: Tuesday[Mars] = Fast action [masculine]
Thursday[Jupiter] = Prosperity, money, growth, expansion, generosity[masculine]
Saturday[Saturn] = Wills, debts, financing, joint money matters, real estate [masculine]



Any checklist for Wiccan studies will include a thorough understanding of lunar magick. Most of us started with the waxing/waning construct and worked primarily with the new and full phases of the moon. As we get into more advanced lunar magick, we realize there are actually eight phases of the moon, each with its own magickal “flavor.” Most witches start with the moon phase and flavor it with the moon’s sign. Some do it the other way around. Sometimes when we do magick, the phases and signs won’t both match our magickal intent. Ideally, if you can wait until both line up, do so. Be sure, though, that you don’t do any magickal work, start new projects, or do anything of importance while the moon is void of course (see below).

Source: To Stir a Magick Cauldron by Silver Ravenwolf

The Moon completes a revolution around the Earth every 29 1/2 days, passing through the 12 signs of the zodiac and spending about 2 1/2 days in each sign

A special note here: There is a difference between the actual constellation the moon appears in in the sky and the astrological constellation. For example, your almanac may say that the moon is in Taurus, when actually for astrological purposes, it is in Gemini (30 degrees difference due to the Earth’s wobble over time). Therefore, consult an astrological calendar or book for this information instead instead of a common almanac.

Moon in Aries — Cardinal fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars Good for starting new ventures, but lacking in staying power. Particularly good for starting financial or medical ventures. This moon is about the self and the ego and anything ruled by Mars — knives and sharp things (good time to buy or make that athame), strength, daring, courage, and lust. This moon is about quick results. Things occur rapidly, but also quickly pass. There’s lots of enthusiasm during this moon, beware of headstrong or rash behavior.

Workings: protection, courage, beginnings, matters of self and personality

Moon in Taurus — Fixed earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus The Moon is exalted in Venus, which means it is very happy here. A great time for anything concerning love or the arts. Things begun now last the longest and tend to increase in value. Taurus is about values, possessions, money, fertility, and Mother Earth. Things begun now become habitual and hard to alter. Caution and protectiveness is in the air.

Workings: peace, growth, money, personal financial matters, vehicles, benefits, possessions

Moon in Gemini — Mutable air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury
An inconsistent position for the Moon. Things begun now are easily changed by outside influences. A lot of talk. A good time to do two things at once. You may feel restless and changeable, but it’s a good time to write, study, orcommunicate with your family.

Workings: prophecy, wishes, relatives, communication, studies, writing

Moon in Cancer — Cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon Stimulates emotional rapport between people. Pinpoints needed, supports growth and nurturance. When the Moon is here, she is at her most powerful, so use her for important magick and divination. The Moon rules the home, children, emotions, cooking, eating, and nurturing. Be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Workings: love, emotions, home, mothers, family, divination, psychic development or impressions

Moon in Leo — Fixed fire sign, ruled by the Sun
Use this moon to work with your stocks and bonds, creative arts, pets, hobbies, and romance. Be generous and kind, not sulky.
Showmanship, favors, being seen, drama, recreation, and happy pursuits. May be overly concerned with praise and subject to flattery.
Workings: sex, passions, pleasures, hobbies, love affairs, entertainment, sports, pets

Moon in Virgo — Mutable earth sign, also ruled by Mercury The Virgin favors abstract thought and keen and critical intellect. Pay attention to details and all matters concerning health and healing, nutrition, herbs, crafts, ethics, service to others, volunteering, and community needs. Use this Moon for coven matters, or crafting altar tools or ritual accouterments. Clean the house!
Workings: healing, health, work

Moon in Libra — Cardinal air sign, also ruled by Venus
Increases self-awareness, favors self-examination and interaction with others, but discourages spontaneous initiative. A good time for partnership matters and legal affairs. Use this Moon for balance and harmony — especially romance.
Workings: relationships, marriage, partnerships, legal matters

Moon in Scorpio — Fixed water sign, ruled by Mars and Pluto
This Moon is about fertility, sex, death, and occult matters. Powerful magick can be done now; divinitory energy is very high strong and ritual effects are long lasting. A time for secrets and other hidden things. Increases awareness of psychic power. Precipitates psychic crises and ends connections thoroughly. Sensitive and intense emotions can breed obsessions. Don’t overeat!

Workings: exorcisms, self defense, courage, death, sex, taxes, inheritances, transformation

Moon in Sagittarius — Mutable fire sign, ruled by Jupiter This Moon encourages expansionary flights of imagination and confidence in the flow of life. Warmhearted friendliness is in the air. Use intuitive gifts to work divination magick.
Workings: religion, metaphysics, long-distance travel, higher learning

Moon in Capricorn — Cardinal earth sign, ruled by Saturn This sign is a gateway to the land of magick and very powerful in obtaining what you need. Now you will find profound wisdom. Increases awareness of the need for structure, discipline, and organization. Beware of negativity and depression. Exercise humility.
Workings: exile, banishment, business, career, reputation, father

Moon in Aquarius — Fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn
Favors activities that are unique and individualistic, concern for humanitarian needs, society as a whole, and improvements that can be made. Selfish independence is a problem with this impersonal Moon, as personal magick can boomerang with scattered thinking. Express your flamboyance!
Workings: mysteries, secrets, friendships, hopes, dreams, groups and organizations

Moon in Pisces — Mutable water sign, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune
A very fertile sign. That is the Moon that rules magick itself, so it is very powerful for prophecy, dreams, and deep psychic work. Explore past lives and secrets. Find things you’ve lost. Mix potent elixirs, powders, and perfumes. Avoid getting lost in fantasy. Keep your feet firmly on the ground.
Workings: dreams, good for magick of all kinds, inner development, karma, restrictions, secrets revealed, expanding consciousness

Moon Void of Course: Never cast spells while the moon is void of course. The Moon is void of course during the time between making its last major aspect to a planet in one sign and its entry into the next sign. The duration of this period can be as little as a few seconds or more than two days. The exact moment the Moon enters the new sign ends the void of course period.

*Void of Course Effects*
During a void of course period individuals are less focused. Human judgment is not at its best and consequently decision making tends to suffer. In the void of course period one should avoid: initiating new activities; purchasing new items; contacts or meetings with important people; signing contracts. Business discussions are unlikely to be resolved and if matters don’t fall apart, they will be put off to another time.

However, one area of benefit is in spiritual pursuits. In doing meditation, one has no pull towards any particular planetary force and therefore is able to connect with other planes.

Let’s say that we have the moon phase, date, and time for our spell all worked out. The next step is to check on whether or not our target time is while the moon is void of course. If it is, back to the drawing board. If it isn’t, full speed ahead. Check your astrological almanac for void times.

Monthly Moons
Each Full Moon has a different meaning and magickal purpose. Because of this, it is a good idea to plan your Full Moon Rituals to work with the meaning and purpose of the Moon. The Full Moon is also a traditional time for divinations of all kinds, as the power of the Moon aids in such work.

November ~ Snow Moon: Plan for a ritual to work on ridding yourself of negative thoughts and vibrations.

December ~ Oak Moon: Plan for a ritual to help you remain steadfast in your convictions.

January ~ Wolf Moon: Plan a ritual of protection around your home and family.

February ~ Storm Moon: Plan a ritual to ask the Old Ones for help in planning your future.

March ~ Chaste Moon: Plan a ritual to help fulfill your wishes is appropriate.

April ~ Seed Moon: Plan a ritual to physically plant your seeds of desire in Mother Earth.

May ~ Hare Moon: Plan a ritual to reaffirm your goals.

June ~ Dyad Moon: Plan a ritual to balance your spiritual and
physical desires.

July ~ Mead Moon: Plan a ritual to decide what you will do once your goals have been met.

August ~ Wort Moon: Plan a ritual to preserve what you already have.

September ~ Barley Moon: Plan a ritual of Thanksgiving for all the Old Ones have given you.

October ~ Blood Moon: Plan a ritual to remember those who have passed from this world, and be sure to make an offering to them.



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