Horoscopes for Nov 27h to Dec 3rd, 2006

This week’s scenario may be a little off due to your lack of people skills. Your ready smile and openness to everyone may escape you now. Try to reduce your social & professional obligations. Get as much work done, alone, as you can. This is not a permanent hermit condition, just a little time of needed time off, time away from other human beings. You can love people, but you don’t need to be with them, all of the time. You could reveal a secret, or someone else could spill the beans about you. In either case, discretion would be a wise course to take. There’s just one more secret that needs to come out, or one more piece of unpleasant business to finish before you’re back to feeling like your old self. In spite of your highest ideals, you have human stuff to deal with. By the end of the week, the pendulum should be swinging back in your direction. The old groove will return, and you should be able to play with the best of ’em.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by getting back on track and meeting your commitments. A mature friend will be able to help you. Thanks to a frank conversation, you get clearer about your responsibilities to the team. Your sense of self-esteem will rise as you realize just how talented you are. It’s not flash, however, that gets you where you want to go now. It’s solid, reliable work that earns respect, and possibly money. Of course, let’s not rule out the possibility of a fresh new idea! Sometimes you can step into a situation and see it better than anyone else in the room. This could be one of those times. You may think it’s logic that brings the right answer, but it’s intuition that provides you with the key. While others bang their heads doing the calculations, your instincts can guide you to the ideal solution. You can mystify others with this ability, but don’t take it lightly. It’s a gift that should be rewarded handsomely.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by responsibilities and professional matters that may make you wonder whether you really want to continue on your current path. The information that you’ve been seeking for weeks may come to you now, but it still might not be entirely clear to you. Pay careful attention in conversations where facts are handled carelessly. The clues lie between the words. Use your intuition to determine the truth. A person in authority may ask you an incriminating question. Think carefully before responding, because the answer could be potentially damaging to you or to someone you admire. The best way to combat problems is to set your own agenda. Then you’ll really know what responsibility is all about. Maybe you’ve over-committed yourself, and need to make some priorities. Such planning is not really the Aries way. Whatever happened to the freedom of the past, when life was so simple and all you were concerned with was the next thrill? Well, there’s still plenty of time for fun in your future. All you have to do is clear your calendar, drop a few projects, and then go out and play.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the possibility of a start of a new romance or a rekindling an old relationship. Whatever the case, passion will reign high. This is not just about romance, it can also be about friendships and professional partnerships. Don’t be afraid to take the steps necessary to feel happier with your life. An act of kindness or gesture of caring can melt the resistance and get you what you want. Unpredictable events may disrupt your progress greatly. Make plans, follow through & put your power behind your presence. Positive flow from opposite sex will set you into motion. Be careful not to burn yourself out. When dealing with peers, be yourself & you’ll draw energy from deep inside. Follow your basic instincts & you’ll do very well. Exercise your rights & don’t fear the unknown. Discovery will become your passion.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by more communication & your ability to express your creative ideas. Whatever your religious beliefs are, you will feel a spiritually awakened, this week. You know it is impossible to accomplish anything, if you try to do it alone. Bring your leadership qualities to the surface & help organize your mutual efforts. Your ability to communicate effectively will help you implement new ideas, procedures. Pay close attention to detail & don’t put serious issues on the backburner. Objectivity is needed for you to make the best decision. The better choice should become very clear to you. Much to your surprise, your efforts will be rewarded. Realize your potential. Think Big. Take action, stop procrastinating.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by traditions & new doors of opportunity. Your charisma is strong and your personal magnetism is evident. People will vie for your time & attention. You may be invited to travel for business, pleasure. Long distance communication will bring you closer to your goals. You could use an objective opinion to see the situation more clearly. Ask your partner or a friend for their input. Relationships are the main event. Avoid difficulties, by being more open and honest, with your natural gentleness. Investigate new possibilities in matters of business & trade. Look past the present & you’ll be able to visualize future prospects. Express your true feelings, if you deal with little problems, they won’t compound. Set your goals & focus on them full force.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your universal appeal & your ability to make everyone in your presence, feel right at home. Use your creative talents to make changes in your domestic life. If you want to make long term plans, make sure you share them with those who will be affected. They’ll appreciate your consideration. Ask direct questions if you have any doubts. Give yourself some room to breathe. Don’t commit to too many new projects. Time limits will deter you from success. Focus on your priorities. Don’t allow your emotions to make decisions for you. It may cause trouble to control your actions or re-actions. You may need to learn to let others do things for you for a change. Pamper yourself a little, you deserve it.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by domestic changes that will improve your outlook. A careless remark could get you into trouble with a colleague, watch what you say. What you consider meaningless information can be very important to someone else. Compassionate friends could help you overcome your feeling of isolation. Positive emotions will promote healing, understanding. Your knowledge & good sense will help more than you expect. When you do something for yourself your energy flows more freely. Loved ones will lend much support. Enjoy quiet time to re-fresh your energy & get back to the little joys of life that make you happy. Seek recommendations from older individual, to find the perfect mixture. Use physical outlets to combat any emotional stress you feel. Your determination to succeed may become your greatest asset.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the struggle of busy family & social commitments. An intense conversation could be important to you. Reevaluate your past, try to bring out your best qualities, set aside your insecurities. You may need to test your talent of diplomacy & tact, while balancing your emotions. Try not to hurt feelings but you cannot please everybody. You can get others to do things for you if you use your charm. Dealing with “wishy-washy” people may test your patience. Try to keep your workload to a normal level, no more long hours. You need your rest, even if you see yourself as too tough to quit. Communication & discussion are necessary to resolve negative feelings. Faamiliar surroundings will help you to greet the New Year with more energy than you’ve felt in a long time. Plan to enjoy your new found energy with the most important people in your life. Share yourself.


This week’s scenario is highlighted by much needed relaxation & personal safety. Your hectic pace needs to slow down to a more managable level in order for you to focus yourself. Do your homework, look past the superficial. Once you’ve thought it out, speak your mind. Be fair to all concerned when negotiating or settling contracts, trading terms. Festive season is a good time to spend quality time with loved ones, but you must start planning your future. Your path will cross with someone who will show you simple ways to increase your potential income. Listen closely & follow directions to the word. New Year will continue on a positive note in your romantic interest. Your involvement with family situation could prove to be very interesting. You may want to watch what you say, though. Your words could be misinterpreted. Your intuitive insights and healing energies can be used positively to help others. Take the time to let your lover know how much you really care. You’ll be able to see the bigger picture and understand that you’ll be enjoying a change of venue, very soon.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your sense of timing & luck. Communications & understanding will increase greatly. Plan outings with family or friends with fun filled conversation. Competition could help your team, especially if you approach it in a positive manner. The goal is not to beat the other person, but only to motivate one another. Utilise your ability to analyse data & you’ll be able to meet important deadlines. Your universal appeal will make you very popular & successful this week. There are plenty of opportunities in real estate or consumer products and services. Listen to your heart & your intuition will be right on. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into questionable schemes. Keep up the pace & your goals will clearly come into focus. You’ll be going places.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the strength you feel from personal and professional relationships. You may need to re-evaluate your priorities. Take some time out to do things with children. You may just find they really need more than you imagined. Try not to lose your patience, support will work better than criticism. Utilize your energy to organize, re-build & prepare for changes. Your personal magnetism & sex appeal will give you an edge, this week. Be careful not to mislead others, be honest with your intentions. Recent personal changes in your lifestyle could prove to be a positive influence on others. You may be pleasantly surprised with other’s observations. Your ability to work through complex situations can come in very handy. You need to eliminate distractions and get straight to the heart of the matter.



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