Horoscope for December 4th to 10th 2006

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to change some little things that seem so important to someone. Listen to their ideas and help them to look positively to the future. Your social position will allow you to bring others together. Remember, everyone’s heart is in the same place. You’ll have too much vigor and cheer for one person, so you might as well spread it around. Give the gift of yourself to someone, who could really use a spiritual lift right now. The feeling is more important than the reason for doing it. If it feels right, do it. Spread the joy. Example is certainly the best teacher. Do your community a favor for which it will thank you. Answer their problems with realistic solutions. With the right people working together, you could actually work some miracles.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to be practical when all around you seemed to have lost their logic. Your popularity will soar, seek out others with the skills to help you make things happen. Don’t discard value when trying to be different. In your quest for the good life, others may think you are too materialistic. Show them that searching for the comfort of security is not just obtaining the material stuff. Set the moral tone in a group that’s looking for some deeper direction. You first need to sell the idea, then you can work on the rest. Your concern with how something looks may frustrate those who are more interested in the content. Your understanding of what is appealing will convince them to join your cause. You need to choose your team very carefully. Promises made, need to happen. Work may tend to interfere, but try to re-schedule some tasks that are not so urgent for next week.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to figure out what others are thinking. The competition may be confused when you seem to give them your secrets, but listen to their ideas. You may have wanted to make changes where none were required. Communication will bring you the wisdom you need. Don’t give up on your friends. A dreaded re-union will turn out to be a memorable event. The word from a friend or partner will set you in motion. Use your positive energy to propel other’s engines. Teamwork is a welcomed alternative to the childish games that have been going on, lately. Bring your strengths to the table & hope that others will, as well. Everyone should use this weekend to get into better shape, emotionally.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to stay afloat. Make an effort to have fun, even if you’re feeling a little low. Don’t allow your emotions to give you a bad attitude. Something will heighten your awareness of a cold world over which you have no control. Sincere actions will be the most important. You should no longer be shy about your powers to help others. Help along someone who may be going through this awareness for the first time. What answers you can’t find, you’ll invent. Take the time to bring your art supplies outside and you’ll be able to create some real works of art. Your inner self will reflect in everything that passes through your hands. You’ll be able to relearn an old lesson of patience. By week’s end, you’ll feel vibrant and sensual. There are some doors that you shouldn’t open. Better to create the illusion. Not everybody has to know all of your business.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to live your life with grace and joy. Friendship and romance will flourish this week. You’re likely to get just about anything you want. Don’t refuse any social invitations. Forget the formalities, you need to go where you are needed, spreading your sunshine along the way. You’ll score more points by just being yourself. Use conversation to draw others out of their shells. Ask questions, in order to make others think about what they’re saying. If you hit a nerve, press harder. Deep issues may cause reactions. If you see trouble coming, protect those most in need. By week’s end, you’ll feel more like hibernating than partying. Keep some time for shopping and decorating, it’ll get you into the spirit. Friendly people make for friendly times.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to adopt a healthier attitude. You may feel as if you have been used and taken advantage of. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You know if you don’t, that you’ll get exactly what you deserve. Nothing. Look carefully at an impulse that was not part of the original plan. Be sure to consult with your partners before making any sudden changes. You’ll benefit from an associate’s information. Your mind can figure out any scenario. You’ll be able to process the information into a solid business plan. Everyone involved will walk away from the deal enriched. Take care of personal details that you may have overlooked, before. Let go of all that extra stress. Enjoying yourself is easy once you try. No crisis here. Once you feel happier, your responsibilities might actually be more fun. You’ll feel an immediate improvement early in the weekend.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to know when to mind your own business and when not to. Someone close to you may be going through an intense situation. You need to keep your perspective. The new week starts on a positive note. Everyone respects your gentle, upbeat approach. You’ll bond with those who recognize the humor of the situation. Relax and celebrate. Your life will overflow with energy, spreading your special magic to everyone you meet. Perfection is relative but you may feel as if you’ve achieved it. The best leaders inspire rather than dictate. Your time has come at last. Charm and gentle persuasion will be your greatest assets. Your time and energy are more important than your money. Common interests suggest a promising future with someone who understands your motives. Forgotten friends, loves and hobbies will become important once again.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to forgive and forget. Remember that circumstances can turn against you as easily as you turn them to your advantage. You love people for who they are and need to express it. Your friendship is far stronger than the little differences that have interfered with it. You need to tone down your criticism, in order to make your point clearer. No one wants to listen to someone who continues to dwell on their faults. Instead you should be trying to bring out their positive traits. Allow your love to take on a life of its own. Some people may not be ready for you, but you can appeal to their sense of humour and hold their attention for as long as you need. You’ll feel comfortable in a crowd, especially if you can convert them to your side. Strut your stuff before those who appreciate what you have. It’s time to discard the old and embrace the new.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to focus on the inner work. You’ll feel at home, no matter where you are. Self-expression might not be noticed right away, but by week’s end, you’ll feel more understood. You should know that your perspective can create the world around you. Your home is a favorite destination for people who need to recharge their batteries. Make them feel at home, continue the trend. Heads will turn when you walk in and take your rightful place. Your honesty and humor will dispel any rumors you having an attitude. You’re a mix of mystery, love and humour. You have no interest in giving into unreasonable demands. Being tough might cost you, but it’ll be well worth it. Your first response will be your best. However you should allow others to do the talking. You may have unpolished material that words cannot express.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to identify and satisfy your passions. A good opportunity may be hard for you to find. You’re detached enough from them to see where they lead to. The facts and figures are in your favour. Others will be happy to help you, once you show your true colours. Stop wishing and start doing. Think bigger. Find the perfect materials and do it right the first time. Someone may challenge your memory but your organized mind and instinct will be right on the target. Use your spare time for personal improvement. You’ve earned the right to feel good about your physical appearance. Responsibilities may override your desire to go out and play. This is a time for decisions and consequences. A little sacrifice could put you closer to your goals.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to assume the best to a terrible situation. Instead of dwelling on the past, consider what still lies ahead of you. You may seem aloof, but if confronted, your cautious nature will take over. The world around you has many needs and you can fill more than you realize. Don’t allow fatigue to make you vulnerable, watch your energy level. You may want to dream however misguided, but you know you have to be more realistic. Erratic behavior will only cause you to lose. You may be eager to see the future, but need to find more patience. Be ready to help others in need. These are the days to get out there and help. Rearrange your living space to accommodate an unexpected arrival.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to be comfortable and confident in who you are. A miscommunication could cause you to change your schedule. Your quick wit and creative imagination will guide you smoothly if you hit any rough spots. You know by instinct what others need to learn in higher education. Mysterious cosmic forces will have a familiar feeling to them. You may know the answer, but not everybody recognizes you. Don’t allow noisy people with opinions to rob you of your appetite for excitement and adventure. A soft touch will be wasted on those with thick skin. You need to keep your cool and approach the situation very carefully. Your blunt honesty will score more points than anything. The right people will understand your message. Create a force that stabilizes rather than one that makes more waves.



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