Halloween Superstitions

If you hear foot steps behind you on this night, don’t look back. It May be the dead following you. Turning back could mean that you will Soon join the dead.

Girls who carry a lamp to a spring of water on this night can see Their future husband in the reflection.

Girls who carry a broken egg in a glass to a spring of water (during The day) can not only see their future husband by mixing some of the Spring water into the glass, but she can also see a glimpse of her Future children.

An old tradition was that girls should go into a field and there Scatter the seed of hemp. While they did so they chanted “Hempseed I Sow thee Come after me and show me”. Upon suddenly turning round, it Was declared that each girl would see a vision of the man who would be Her husband.

Bobbing for Apples – Each member of the party is given an apple, from Which a small piece has been cut, and into which a fortune written on A slip of paper has been inserted. The apples are thrown into a large Tub of water and the company invited to duck their heads and retrieve An apple with their mouths. Upon doing so they draw out the slip of Paper and read their fortune.

To find out if your lover is true. Select one of the letters which you Have received from your sweetheart, especially one which contains a Particularly passionate and important declaration; lay it wide open Upon a table and then fold it nine times. Pin the folds together, Place the letter in your left-hand glove, and slip it under your Pillow. If on that night you dream of silver, gems, glass, castles or Clear water, your lover is true and his declarations are genuine; if You dream of linen, storms, fire, wood, flowers, or he is saluting You, he is false and has been deceiving you.

Mashed potatoes offer a method of divining who will be the first to Wed. Into the heap of mashed potatoes a ring, a three penny-bit, a Button, a heart-shaped charm, a shell and a key are inserted. Then all The lights in the room are turned out, and each guest, armed with a Spoon or fork, endeavors to find the hidden charms. The one who finds The ring win marry first; the three penny-bit signifies wealth; the Button, bachelor hood or spinsterhood; the heart, passionate love; the Shell, long journeys; the key, great success and power.

The old Celtic custom was to light great bonfires on Halloween, and After these had burned out to make a circle of the ashes of each fire. Within this circle, and near the circumference, each member of the Various families that had helped to make a fire would place a pebble. If, on the next day, any stone was out of its place, or had been Damaged, it was held to be an indication that the one to whom the Stone belonged would die within twelve months.

Halloween derives its name from the fact that in the Christian Calendar it occurs the day before ‘All Saints’ or All Hallows’ Day. It Was the last night of the old year according to the ancient calendar Of the Celts. On that night it was said that the witches, hobgoblins, Warlocks, and other evil spirits walked abroad and devoted themselves To wicked revels. But the good fairies, too, according to some Folklore, made their appearance at this time, but only from the hour Of dusk until midnight.

If a bat flies into a house it is a sign that ghosts are about and Maybe the ghost let the bat in.

If bats come out early and fly around playfully, then it is a sign of Good weather to come.

If a bat flies around a house 3 times, it is a death omen.

Peel an apple from top to bottom. The person with the longest unbroken Peel would be assured the longest life.

If you threw the apple peel Over your shoulder, the initial it forms upon landing is the initial Of your future mate.

When bobbing for apples, it is believed that the first person to bite An apple would be the first to marry.

If you go to a crossroads at Halloween and listen to the wind, you will learn all the most important things that will befall you during the next twelve months.

A person born on Halloween can see and talk to spirits.

To prevent ghosts coming into the house at Halloween, bury animal Bones or a picture of an animal near the doorway.

If a girl puts a sprig of rosemary herb and a silver sixpence under Her pillow on Halloween night, she will see her future husband in a Dream.

In Britain, people believed that the Devil was a nut-gatherer.

At Halloween, nuts were used as magic charms.

Many people used to believe that owls swooped down to to eat the souls of the dying. If they heard an owl hooting, they would become frightened. A common remedy was thought to be, turning your pockets inside out and you would be safe.

Some believe if you catch a snail on Halloween night and lock it into a flat dish, in the morning you will see the first letter of your sweetheart written in the snail’s slime.

You should walk around your home three times backwards and counterclockwise before sunset on Halloween to ward off evil spirits. Knocking on wood keeps bad luck away.

If you see a spider on Halloween, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching you.

If you ring a bell on Halloween, it will scare evil spirits away.

In North America, it’s bad luck if a black cat crosses your path and good luck if a white cat crosses your path.

In Britain and Ireland, it’s the opposite.

If a candle flame suddenly turns blue, there’s a ghost nearby.



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