Empowering Elements

Earth – Find three seeds of any flower-bearing plant that thrives well in an indoor environment. Place them in a pot and say, “Guardians of the Earth, sacred soil of my birth, with these seeds your power shall glow, throughout this sacred space to grow.” Place the pot somewhere in the eastern quarter (or in the direction that you nominate for Earth) of your magical space of home. If the lighting is not good there, use a grow light o f keep the plant elsewhere between magical gatherings.

Air – Intersperse five feathers and five bells on a string. Add mint leaves if available. Affix the string to a window that is either in or near the south (or in the direction that you nominate for Air), and say,”Guardians of Air, changing winds on each now bear, ringing safety through our home, as magic moves within this poem.” Leave it in the window to ring out warm, protective energy throughout your living area.

Fire – Get yourself one large red, orange, or golden candle and affix it in a safe container. Place it somewhere in the northern area (or in the direction that you nominate for Fire) of your magical space. Anoint the candle with cinnamon oil and say, “Guardians of the Fire, embers that brighten the darkest night, let your sparks within me burn, and protect this space with eternal light.’ Light the candle any time you feel negative energy infringing on your home.

Water – Gather seven seashells in a small, decorative glass-canning container. Fill this with boiling water or sand and seal it shut immediately. When cooled, decorate the edge of the seal using blue or green wax. Set this in the eastern quarter of your sacred space (or in the direction that you nominate for Water), saying, “Guardians of the Waters, the flowing, endless grail, move your waves upon this shore, let magic take to sail!” If this token ever looks dirty within, the contents should be completely changed and the invocation repeated.



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