Dream Catcher

Items Needed:
* Large Ring
*4 Small Rings
*1 Yellow Cord ( like yarn )
*1 Red Cord ( like yarn )
*1 Green Cord ( like yarn )
*1 Blue Cord ( like yarn )
*1 Black Cord ( like yarn )
* Scissors

Now to Start with, take the big ring and the black colour or you may change the colours to your liking. Tie a knot onto the ring, Then wrap the cord around it and tightly start to go around to form your star. Make sure to wrap cord around the wire on each point, once you make your star, then do it again to make sure the cord goes around the other side, now you should see a outside star on both sides. Once you finish with the star, tie up at starting point and make sure you leave enough cord to hang it up with.

Now start to work on the smaller rings, each ring use the different colour, and making sure you leave extra cord to tie it to the big ring You should have cord on each point. If you really want to get creative instead of the gold showing you can wrap the cord around each ring with a different colour or same colour. I personally like the gold touch so I stayed with that idea. Its a fun project and have a lot of fun with it



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