BOS Yearly Review

Each year, I like to fill out this quiz in my BoS as it acts as an easy at a glance guide to how I change each year. Thought Id share it with you!

1. What name do you go by?
2. Where do you reside?
3. Where do you want to reside?
4. Age?
5. Mental age?
6. What age is old?
7. What is your hair colour?
8. Long/Short hair
9. What do you do with your hair cuttings?
10. Eye colour?
11. Preffered eye colour
12. Short/ Long nails?
13. What do you do with nail clipings?
14. Star sign?
15. How long have you been a witch?
16. Coven/ Solitary
17. Is a coven important?
18. Are you initiated?
19. Is initiation important?
20. Are you In/Out broom closet?
21. What sort of person are you?
22. What is your real identity?
23. What do others think of you?
24. What do you like about yourself?
25. What do you dislike about yourself?
26. What was your best time?
27. And your worst?
28. What is yur earliest memory?
29. Most beautiful memory?
30. Most embarrassing memory?
31. What do you dream of?
32. Favourite colour?
33. Least favourite colour?
34. What music/bands do you like?
35. Do you have a web page?
36. Favourite book?
37. What one book would you reccommend?
38. Favourite magazine?
39. Favourite movie
40. Favourite TV show?
41. Any hobbies?
42. Ever thought of making money from your hobby?
43. Rollercoasters: cool/scary
44. Thunderstorms: xool/scary?
45. What is magick?
46. What is the soul?
47. What is the God/dess?
48/ What is love?
49. What is hell?
50. Who do you love most and how does it feel?
51. Do you ever feel empty?
52. Suicidal?
53. Do you believe in fate?
54. What do you ask yourself at night?
55. Do you believe in divine revelation?
56. What has most influences modern wicca?
57. The 3 most important people in history and why?
58. What is war?
59. WQhat is humankinds downfall?
60. What can we do about it?
61. Can 1 person make a difference?
62. Are you vegetarian?
63. Could you kill your meat?
64. Favourite place?
65. Do you garden?
66. Do you make herbal remedies?
67. Favourite herb, stone and flower?
68. Do you do healing?
69. Do you practice divinition?
70. Do you keep fit?
71. What does it mean to live?
71. What does it mean to die?
72. Does the thought of dying bother you?
73. What is the truth of life?
74. Do you believe in reincarnation and regression?
75. How would you like to be remembered?
76. Your epitaph?
77. What have you learnt in life?



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