Basic Craft Etiquette

* Remember as you enter a circle, it is a religious/sacred space. Behave in a respectful manner, especially if you enter a circle which is not necessarily of your tradition. Honour the paths of each and every circle participant.

* Speak to the High Priest or High Priestess well before the ritual if you have any doubts or questions. Let them know if you have any special needs (such as non-alcoholic “wine”, seating due to illness or infirmity and so on.)

* A ritual bath with intent to purify (or a shower) should be taken before entering a Circle/ritual.

* Do not enter a Circle under the influence of drugs or alcohol as this will affect your ability to focus your energy and power during the working. The exception to this may be in a ritual where the sacrament is a drug or alcoholic beverage with a particular goal in mind. However, this is generally imbibed during the ritual. Remember you are not obligated to take a drug or alcohol but please find out if it is a necessary part of ritual before it begins. You can choose to participate or not.

* If you are feeling negative, such as depressed, angry, jealous, resentful or any other emotion that may affect the ritual, speak to the HP or HPS beforehand. Ask for healing, a back rub, a massage or whatever may assist you in preparing for ritual.

* Do not break the circle once it has been cast. If you need to leave for an important reason, you should cut a doorway or ask the HP or HPS to do this for you. The doorway should be closed if and when you return.

* Do not go along to any Circle that you have not been invited to unless it has been advertised as a public event.

* Because a ritual is a serious religious Rite, considerable power and energy may be raised. Please follow the ritual as instructed by the HP and/or HPS. Stay focussed on the working and ensure that all of your personal energy and power is directed toward the goal.

* When moving around the circle, always follow the direction in which the circle has been cast. This is generally deosil. (In the southern hemisphere, counter-clockwise; in the northern hemisphere, clockwise.)

* Shoes and watches should be removed before entering the Circle.(The exception to this may be outdoor rituals in inclement weather as decided by the HP or HPS.)

* Set aside some clothing, if generally worn by you in ritual, that will act as your ritual clothing. This may be a robe or cloak, or other clothing only used for ritual purposes. Keep it clean and purified for each ritual.

* While in Circle, do not touch any ritual objects, other than your own, without permission. They will easily absorb energy and the owner will probably not appreciate this.



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