Baby Bear’s Yule Tree

Once upon a time, there was a Baby Bear, a Mama Bear, and a Daddy Bear. They lived in a beautiful forest. In the middle of their forest there was a meadow with a tiny old cottage. Baby Bear loved to go look into the window of the cottage, for there were always beautiful, magical things to see and smell in the cottage.

One cold snowy evening, Baby Bear looked into the cottage window and he saw the most amazing thing he had ever seen. It was a short, fat ittle pine tree that sparkled with red, blue, and gold. It was covered in candles and strands of cranberries, popcorn, and cinnamon sticks.

Baby Bear ran home to Mama and Daddy Bear, and told them all about what he had seen. The next day, the family of bears decided to make their own Yule tree in the forest. They searched and searched until they found the perfect short, fat little pine tree. They worked hard gathering berries and moss, pine cones, and nuts. They hung the berries, pinecones, moss, and nuts on their Yule tree. When they finished decorating the little pine tree in the forest, they stood back to take a good look. Baby Bear said, “It’s not sparkling like the one in the cottage.”

The Bears were disappointed. They all went to bed feeling a bit sad. They cuddled together and slept through the long, cold, dark night.

The next morning when they woke up, Baby Bear ran to his little Yule tree in the forest. It was sparkling! There were icicles hanging from the needles of the tree and the morning sun shining on the icicles sent out rays of sunshine everywhere. All the animals in the forest came to admire Baby Bear’s Beautiful little Yule tree. Baby Bear said, “Let’s all have a feast!”

So they feasted on the delicious nuts and berries from Baby Bear’s Yule tree.



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