Affinities of Essential Oils with Crystals

BLACK PEPPER: Bloodstone. Courage, physical energy.

CARDAMOM: Carnelian. Sex, overcoming sexual dysfunction.

CEDARWOOD: Lepidolite. Spirituality, sleep, protection.

EUCALYPTUS: Aquamarine. Health, healing, purification.

FRANKINCENSE: Amber. Strength, healing, protection.

GERANIUM: Red Tourmaline. Protection.

GINGER: Rhodochrosite. Physical energy, love.

JASMINE: Moonstone. Love, sleep, psychic awareness.

JUNIPER: Red Jasper. Protection.

LAVENDER: Fluorite. Healing, health, conscious mind.

NEROLI: Chrysoprase. Happiness, joy.

NIAOULI: Imperial Topaz. Protection.

PALMAROSA: Lapis Lazuli. Love, healing.

PATCHOULI: Green Tourmaline. Money.

PINE: Malachite. Magical energy, money, protection.

ROSE: Rose Quartz. Love, peace, happiness.

ROSEMARY: Quartz Crystal. All positive magical changes.

SANDALWOOD: Clear Calcite. Spirituality, meditation.

YARROW: Amethyst. Love, psychic awareness.

YLANG-YLANG: Kunzite. Love, peace.



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