Yule n Xmas Gifts

Well it was a good yule and Christmas managed to get a few items which where on our lists of things we’d like to have.

Got the Wii that I’d been looking at since it hit the market, even got the Wii Fit Plus which I’ve been eyeing again since it hit the market – so two items which I’ve wonted for some time now I’ve gotten, which is great news. Only issue I find is that now that I have them I finding that I don’t know what I am doing with them, since they are so outside of what I am use to using when it comes to video games and the like – but I am up for the challenge.

Also got a couple of DVDs that where asked for one of which is a collection that neither of us was expecting to get (we both though we’d get the standard edition, but apparently my folks had other ideas in mind when it came to that side of things, which is cool.

Got what I asked for when it comes to my cell phone, got a carrying case for it, plus the bluetooth ear pice and a 2 GB memory card – so all I need now is the car charger, though how much I’ve used the older ones for my other phones, its not something which is high on my list of must haves not when the phone is holding a good charge still (maybe once it started to louse the ability to hold good long charge it might be an option, but till then its not an issue).

Got a hello kitty night gown from Norman plus a pair of mittens and two packs of socks from my folks (clothing wise I got very little this year for a change).

So all in all I can say it was a good Yule and Christmas, now sighing off as dinner in on the go and its time to spend some time with Norman.

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas Everyone!
Nyx and Norman



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