Well I have work, I am the head layout artist for a small community newspaper – its a bi weekly news paper, thus its a little less then a part time job type deal, about 30 hours every other week type deal

it still leaves me open time to get other work, like a wantress stuff or the like to fill in the rest of the time type deal, I get about 600 to 1000 a month before taxes.

I am also now their Webmaster, at least for the time being it does appear – which works well enough for me, as long as they keep the two contracts seprate and pay be for what is dun on the site outside of the layout work (still have to work out the details of the web site side of things).

Well am happy to day that I have work, or at least it does appear to be this way as of yesterday when I started working on the site and the new print layouts.

Well take care everyone



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