Work and other thoughts

Well since I got told that I was a type 2 diabetic I’ve not worked a full time or even part time job of the 9 to 5 sector base, not because of being diabetic just because I’ve not found work till now in that area.

But now that I have found work, I am faced with how will I manage my diabetes, how will I manage taking my insulin and on top of all that how will I manage the IBS that is part of my daily life thanks to the diabetes drug that I am on.

In a couple of weeks I start working a 9 to 5 style job (10am to 7pm actually) I get break time about 2 15 minutes and a 30 min lunch break (though it could be an hour I’m not 100% sure as yet) and though I am excited about finally having a source of close to steady income (its not FT or PT atm its seasonal, with the possible options of PT then into FT at the end of the season).

I scared about how this is going to play havoc with my diabetes and my control for that matter, I now the couple times I have worked out side of the home I ended up having terrible control over my glucose numbers for the time I worked outside of the home (not from what I was eating, though it did have its factor, but to do the stress of traveling between work and home – I’m not a calm driver and taking local transit is more stressful then driving in many regards).

I know I am putting the cart before the horse and what have you, looking for trouble before I know the facts and other stuff along those lines – I know it and I know I should just take it a step at a time and a day to day deal, but that’s not how I am and its not part of how I work when it comes to working.

I am scared about how the diabetes will effect the work I am going to be doing (studio photographer), I’m going to be working at a big box location I can’t bring my food with me because there is no where to keep it cool or store it (no employe lounge or area, bug a cubby that I share with others – enough for ones jacket and winter boots at best), so I will be having to get my lunch from places within the mall which do not have a great selection to start with (BK, McDs, Tim Hortons, PizzaPizza are the primary places the two other places are asian style eating) sighs with the IBS issues eating at BK, McDs or PizzaPizza are not much of an option and well Tims is great in general for their coffee I can’t have anything else to eat there without issues, so am left I guess with the asian places but even that I can have issues with since most places are high sodium and my body has issues with that as it is.

Sighs and growls, I know how to eat healthy when out and about that isn’t the issue to me its keeping my glucose levels within range and being able to know when I am going low or high (I for the most part can not tell when I am going high, but can tell to a small degree when I am going low) while working at a job that I am new at and what goes along with that.

SIDE NOTE, with the working schedule my time on SP will be less since I wont get home till late i’ll not be posting as I once did, so twitter will become my primary form of communication with people online (who choose to follow me).



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