Will I ever get things together again? … yes i will

Greetings Everyone,

Sighs the past 72h have not been fun for me to variosu degrees. My main sites are still offline – growls

Well on other notes, I saw Madam Butterfly on Saturday evening with a friend and his girlfriend. It was an interesting show, though its a good think I like to read things like close capationing cuase its all sung in Italian, and for the most part I don’t know thta much Italian beyond a few words and phrases. But all in all it was an enjoyable evening.

I am also progressing with getting school work complete regardless of the fact that the instructor never sent me the nessary info that was to be sent to everyone, apparently it was sent to almost everyone, all but apparently a few ppl. Sighs not pleased with this instructor am I at the moment. For that matter other students are not pleased with this particular instructor.

I’m back on my Quiz kick, but these types of quizes are not postable as theyare more little things that are not ment to be posted to journals or the like. Though I’ll once again post more journal quizes as time passes cause I like doing so and because I think that some of the quizes are quite telling about myself in many ways.

K i’m deffently rampling here and complaning … sighs .. lol … well I’ll write more as time passes, so take care.



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