What a time i’ve been having

Well as many of you have likely been reading I’ve stated to take a real interest in reading two local newspapers (well one is based in toronto, though it is published internationally, and the other is fully aimed at those who take public transit here in Toronto) which I’ve started to find are full of interesting information that well I’d pretty much forgotten existed, since I’d not bothered to read either of them in a couple of years.

Some of the news articles which I have been reading have sparked some interests with me, and others have kind of opened my eyes to what is going on around me in my local area and internationally. Yes some of the articles are of no interest to me what so ever, but sometimes those articles which at first glance look not so interesting turn to be interesting for one reason or another.

Today the weather outside is cool yet sunny, it makes me wish that spring was really here and that I didn’t have to wear so many layers of clothing just to go out and get the paper from the mailbox, but as yet spring has not arrived, nor is it really warmer out then it was yesterday in many regards. I don’t know about some of you, but personally as much as I like the cold I am actually for the first time in my life really looking forward to warmer weather (though not the heart of summer).

As everyone has likely read, work is going well and I am enjoying the different challenges which are coming my way, they are making me feel very good about myself in many ways.

Well here is another Feng Shui saying that’s caught my attention about the Garden, its says that you should add pyramidal and pointed shapes to the S part of your garden to represent its element of fire.

Well take care everyone,



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