Well long time no post

It has been a while since I last posted here, and I don’t mind saying that I’ve been rather busy that posting has taken a back seat to much of my life.

Though I must say that I have kept updating my sites, PathWalkers is growing and new sections have been added to the forums section. I am still working on the site, to make it work smoother, but php is not one of my strong points yet, so its taking more time then I though it would to get it working as I’d like it to work, but hay its working just fine for the most part.

Macintosh Sisters is still going strong and I am pleased to say that regardless of the troubles that have presented themselves for the site, things are working and it would appear that the community is growing nicely.

My main site Nyxstium is still as it was, no major change there, though I have changed my resume page, and am working on adding more parts to my portfolio section.

Well I hope the next entry is not so long in coming but regardless I hope everyone is doing well, take care.



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