Victoria Day … growls at the stupid ppl blocking our drive way.

Well things are starting to get on track, but still PathWalkers is not online as it should be :-(, though it is active, its pointing to my new main domain (Nyxstium) at the moment.

Traffic around here today is a real zoo, they are parked on both sides of the street, blocking ppls drive ways, and walking over our lawns, not giving a care what htey are freaking doing. The noise is also not pleasent, I know i’ve lived her efor almost 26 years and each year it gets worse and worse. But the rest of the year outside of summer time the area is great to live in. oh well thats the beach area for you, a tourest trap.

I am pleased to announce that PathWalkers is up and running, finally after wishing to have it up for the past 2 years. PWN Interactive is designed to be a Interactive Community of Pagans, Wiccans and those who walk the shamanic path. Where they can exchange ideas, post articles of information, share hops and dreams and just be a community. Its also in the works to be a place to find good referance material.



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