Victoria Day Weekend!

Well yesterday was a long day starting work at 9am, talk about early. Sighs I am totally not a daytime person and it shows, especially when I normally get into work around 10am on average. K I am be a morning person to a degree, but my main preference is not mornings never really ever has been, but hay its life ya can’t always get what you wish for working conditions.

I do not know who caught the season final of CSI, but if you did you might have noticed the Truck that Nick was driving it is the latest Truck from GMC built for the show, named the “Yukon XL Denali”, though the Truck on CSI is known as the “CSI Mobile Analysis Unit” which according to a write up is “a unique combination of brains and brawn, loaded with high-tech tools that are critical to cracking cases.

Outside it boasts enough lights to challenge its LasVegas backdrop, including halogen roof lights for gathering clues at night. Add its brushed-chrome grille guards, and its prescience is unmistakable.

Inside it’s all about solving crimes. A sophisticated stainless steel workstation offers ample room for investigators to examine and store evidence, maps, or anything else integral to the crime scene.”

Talk about hocking a vehicle, or selling one. The write up makes the truck sound like it can do everything save clean the kitchen sink (and I’d not be surprised if it had on of those inside as well, shakes head).

Looks like we know where they are getting some backing for the show, then again why not it’s a TV show that millions of people watch. CSI Miami gets Hummer2s so why can’t CSI get this. Makes ya wonder what CSI New York will end up with (if anything).

So as you can imagine David and I did catch watching the season final of CSI last night. I don’t know that it was to be a 2-hour show, that was a pleasant surprise for me (though it did mean I missed my show Holmes on Homes, but that’s alright, CSI is better).

As you might have caught I am a CSI fan, as is David, though I’ve be following the show since the Pilot, and David since the Forth Season (though he’s now seen all 5 thanks to me having Season 1, 2, and 3 already on DVD – once 5s out I’ll be getting that DVD set).

I wonder what the 6th season of CSI will bring, and how much longer it will last on TV? Will it last another couple of seasons or will the 6th be the last? I’ve not heard anything of it not continuing on beyond the 6th season, then again who knows.

I think the show could go on for another few seasons, but then again they will have to developed the show further and maybe get things going more into two partners instead of the the one show deals, which allow for show development. Well time will tell what happens with the show and of course the fan base.

In other news it does look like the Canadian Government will remain a Liberal government for the time being, as the vote which some thought would be a vote of non-confidence didn’t take place, by the vote from BC Independent MP Chuck Cadman, threw his vote behind the Liberals, giving them the necessary votes to remain in power, thus adverting the need for an early election.

I don’t know about my fellow Canadians, but I do not wish to have a Conservative government in power, then again I’m not really pleased with the Liberal government we currently have, but at least they are to their own degree better then the conservatives, who would put Canada a hell of a lot further behind in many areas (same-sex marriage to name one area) which wouldn’t be good for many Canadians.

Well looking at the news, I remember what my partner told me earlier this morning about Math apparently getting easer in high school. Well its true according to an article in the Toronto Star and in the MetroNews it does appear that grade 9 math for Ontario secondary school students (high school), will be getting easer, and gradually going up will they reach a level at grade 12 (apparently all secondary school students now have to take math all the way through school, something which didn’t exist when I was in high school, the best we had to do was grade 10 month and that was it.)

I know for myself, if I had to do high school again, I’d not likely make it though. I barely passes grade 10 math as it was (something like a 49.99 grade average – all do to a teacher who was not qualified to teach math to English students – she best taught her own people or at least that is how it came across cause she never would help those who where not of her race who asked for her, she always said “you’ll figure it out” or something to that effect.)

I might not be great with my math skills (I can do what I need to, to run a business, but that’s my main limit of what I can do – standard book keeping). I know that math is necessary but it doesn’t mean that the high versions of it are necessary for everyday life, not less your going to do that as a profession (which many I do not think would). I’ll agree that basic math, which is practical, is what is necessary in today’s education system, but with the option of taking higher stuff if that is what works for you.

What can I say, I have strong opinions in regards to the education system in general since I am one of those students who if it wasn’t for my folks would have fallen through the cracks and likely would have dropped out early on because I would have been to far behind in everything that it wouldn’t have been worth sticking around to just get further behind. Yes I am what is called a Resource Students (or in some circles a Special Needs student).

My brain fires in a different way, and thus works differently. Thus for me some things which people take for granted such as simple spelling I struggle with, yes I have gotten over part of it, but I am still not a strong speller (and when people say use a spell check, it makes me angry, because they feel that that is the simple answer. To a degree it is, but a spell check is only good if you know what the work looks like in the first place, if you don’t then a spell check means nothing to you in getting the words correct. Often for me I’ll end of with the wrong word, since to me what I see looks like the word I’m looking for, but in fact is another word all together, making what I have written meaning something else, which is most frustrating to say the least.)

Some people just do not realize how lucky they are to be able to do simple things, such as spell. Some don’t even know that they are lucky to be able to function in this fast past world with ease, when there are those of us who have to fight for everything just to make do, or get through what is happening around us. So to me making the educational system more level for all might be an answer to a degree, its not the total answer since that means those students who need more challenge do not get it unless they go to special schools, or via versa. And we have already gone though segregation in the school system.

There use to be a time when those who where special needs would never have gotten higher then grade 12 (if lucky), and it would have been pure basic schooling that you would have been able to get. Since advance level stuff was only for those who wished to go to university, basic was for those who just needed to graduate and general for those who wished to go to college. All of it a load of crap, in my personal opinion.

That was a system which I am glad I was not subject to thanks to my folks finding a school which was a pilot project in destreeming which allowed me to do what I could at the level I could (most subjects it was advanced level, but a couple it was basic or general level which I was able to manage).

Oh well I did make it to going to University and getting a degree, I also managed to get a few certificates and a diploma from going to college (both day and night school form). So I can’t complain too much, since I did manage to get though and attend that education levels that I was wishing to attend. But I will say one thing about college, going to university first then to college it felt like I was going back to high school, which was a rather strange feeling to say the least.

Well for like the second time since I started working for this company a few of us went out to lunch together, and this time it wasn’t planed more like, we all decided to take lunch at the same time, so they where going to go else where, but like par norm I was going to my normal place for lunch.

As it turned out one of them when asked where he was going to lunch he said where ever Nyx is going he was going to go, so it turned out we all went to the Chinese place that I like to get Lunch, which was nice since when I walked in the door of the place the waitress was like “your usual?” and I was like “yes, please” and those with me where like “your usual? You come here often or something?” and I was like “yes, every chance I get”. So for the first time I ate with my colleges and really didn’t feel totally out of place, because I was at a place that I new and felt comfortable.

It’s actually nice to know that I’m starting to feel more comfortable with those I’m working with to various degrees. I still might not understand everyone and their little quarks, but hay who ever really does. The fact that I get along with them to me is something, since well I tend to take a dislike to various people for various reasons which means working with them can be a pain, but thus far (3+ months) things are well and no problems (at least not which haven’t been worked out already).

Well I hope things are going well with everyone, and I wish everyone a good Victoria Weekend, take care everyone!



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