Tree’s Ready to be put up…

Well the Yule or Christmas Tree has been taken out of storage and is ready to be put up. Which is likely what will be happening sometime tomorrow, i would expect since the trimmings have also been taken out of storage and are ready to be put up around the house.

I’ll say this I am out of shape, or rather by body is not yet ready for what I did, which was helping dad to bring down the stuff from storage .. boxes which normally feel like nothing when picking up felt like they weighted like a 100 pounds … so I know full well my body is so NOT recovered as I would like it to be at this stage of my illness.

Well unfortunately I didn’t managed to get to sleep till almost 8 in the morning and ended up waking up just after 4 in the afternoon. SIghs I really need to get to bed earlier, but trying to sleep when I am so NOT tired just doesn’t work, i end up not sleeping at all or lying there till the normal time I sleep – which means I still end up waking up late.

Supper today is going to me more soup, though I am hoping that I can talk Tiff into getting me some chop suey from a local chinese take out (she’s coming down to walk Griff since I can’t do it and dad will not do it) .. chuckles I still have that craving that will not leave me so well might as well give in to it if possible and get it if possible.

Other then that not much happening today at the moment that I know of. Not much on TV for that matter either, seems Saturdays are slow TV days that and fridays and Sundays for that matter … oh well even with the christmas season being on these three days don’t see much on TV for some reason, k there are some christmas shows on but nun of them are of interest to me at the moment.

Well take care



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