Time wheres its flying to???

Well for the past several weeks time has just been flying by … one moment I think its saturday only to realize that i’m a week off or something to that regards … am SO lousing track of time with pulling nighters its does appear to get a clients site and paper up and runnning on time.

I don’t mind pulling the nighters, if only i’d be given a chance to sleep in as well. Going to bed at 5am only to be woken by a phone call from a client at 10am well its expected but not overly welcomed at times .. k my own fault for late night working, but at times there are NOT enough hours in the day to do all the work that is needed it does feel.

At the moment am trying to find a calendar that I can intergrate into a clients site, which is easy to install is not HTML, but either JavaScript or PHP with MySQL back end. Have found a few but they all cost monies, which is a non-option for this particular client .. thought I found one, but the code was so NOT working out for intergration … I can find planty of calendars which reside outside of a site structure thouse are like a dime a dozen type deal, but the ones which you are able to intergrate thats another matter totally it does seem.

I’ll find something eventualy, which the client can themselves update … as in they don’t have to send me the info to update the calendar becuse they will be able to do it themselves type deal.

well take care everyone



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