The Long Weekend

Well it was a long weekend here, because of family day falling on monday, it meant that there was a lot going on and Dad ended up being out most of yesterday (he was on the go from about noon till midnight) doing what he does for Snap which left N and I here at home unable to go out and do anything (or rather one of us could have but what fun is that?).

Anyhow, spent the weekend mostly working on things for FE which is coming up blasted fast and still feels like there is a tun of work that needs to be dun before it happens.

CC is still hairless, got the idea for how I wont her hair to look, but we’ve not dug out the glue gun as yet – its a tad burried in the back of our bedroom (so is going to take some work to get to – grrrz) I know can always stitch it which is my orginal plain but N wonts to hot glue it (not sure how well yarn does with hot glue but I’m thinking it will not be the right he is looking for ::Facepaws::

Other then all that taking place this past weekend, the body for my suit apparently has been shipped so should have it some time this week (tomorrow is what the email said) which means CC will have a new untattered body to show off (at least as much as regular T and skirt will show) at FE this year which is great. I also completed a drawing of N and I in our fursona’s I am going to post it shortly, but something from it is still missing that I an trying to fix (as in Ns face something is missing and for the life of me right now I can’t figure it out – so no posting it till I do).

Well take care everyone,



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