The EX – going back to the EX

Well sometime in the next few days I will be going back to the EX with my Dad and Uncle mostly to see the Air Show, but also to just hand around with them as we have been doing for the past 15+ years … chuckles its become a tradition the three of us going to the EX each year .. have’t really missed a year in just over 15 years, save one single year the year I started University that year I missed it because I had to be on campus that weekend “start up weekend .. aka labor day weekend”

Now its just a matter of figuring out which day to go that the weather will be alright to go for .. aka which day is less likely to be over cast and not raining type deal and both saturday and sunday are supose to have some scattered showers, though monday should be alright, from what I hear but no idea 100% as yet will know in 24 hours which day we will be going.

take care everyone



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