The EX and the AirShow

Well once again my Dad, Uncle and I went to the EX to see the Air Show.

It was a good day all in all, since I only managed to get in just over an hours worth of sleep before the day started (and not restful by any means of the word), which I am starting to get use to of late (seems my body is waked on me, can’t sleep for more then 2 or so hours at a time before I’m wide awake again and ready to go).

Anyhow, we arrived at the EX just a few minutes past 10am when it opened got a good parking spot close that we didn’t really have to walk all that far, all for 5 bucks (about the same price it would have cost us to take local transit – only it took us 30 min to get down there, were the local transit would have had us getting there at noon). We did our normal deal, hit the food building to get our lunch, and for me to hit coke and get their EX Special (32 oz drink container with your choice of their product in it, refillable for a toonie).

After getting our food we made our way over to Ontario Place to get a good place to watch the show from. It was a good place, just wish there had been more shade, but oh well. Once we found a spot that would work, we lathered up on sun screen SPF 50 and dad took off to take photo’s of the Chinese Lantern displays that had been put up for this years Chinese Lantern Festival.

Unfortunately I had to reapply the sunscreen ever 30 min or so, because the bottle dad had brought had expired, thus it was not as effective as it should/could have been in sun protection. I don’t think I got a burn, but will know in the morning if I applied enough or not (though how I am feeling right now, I think in general I got way to much sun – aka not feeling that well, and my body is feeling like its burning up).

When the air show finally started it was a good show a little short in some areas because of the price of gas (we were told). One area that was enjoyable to watch was the Fire Rescue display with the two Waterbombers and the drop bucket chopper, all part of the Ministry of Natural Resources fleet. This display that they put on was maybe not all that interesting to some, but I liked it a lot, to me it was one of the better displays that was put on (even topping the Snowbirds in my personal opinion). I will be posting via YouTube some of the video that dad shot, I just have to get it converted over to do so.

After the air show, we went to the Salvation Army Truck to have a coffee and rest in the shade (cool down). After that we went to grab Dinner, ate it then went on to watch the Harmonicats which is a group that was formed some 60 plus years ago, of three blokes who play the harmonica. It was interesting listening to them play some oldies on them, especially the base harmonica player.

After that we, headed for the car and home. All in all it was a good day, though I think my body is going to be yelling at me for doing to much to soon, but hay it was worth it.



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