The Big C Word, known as Cancer

Well got the call yesterday from the vet in regards to Griff, yes it is Cancer its 100% confirmed. The vet and I did talk while there and reviewing the xrays, and I said then that the only treatment I’ve give him would be natural as possible, nothing out of way or high pocket book based.

I went the high pocket book and drugs and what not with my first pup and all it did was give her an extra year of life that wasn’t very good for her, she wasn’t able to enjoy it and it hurts me to this day thinking that I put her though such pains all because I couldn’t bear to let her pass on when it was her time, that I had to keep her around till her heart gave out on her do to the medication and progressing (she had cushings). I vowed back then after she passed that I never again would put another pup though that, if the known out come wouldn’t be of a positive nature. As in if the pup’s young enough that it would give back him/her life then its a possibility but if its not going to give quality of life then its not worth doing just for my own mind, I have to think of their well being.

I feel selfish for wishing to keep him with me for as long as possible, but at the same time trying to picture life without him at my side is next to impossible. I know there will be other pups, I know he will always have a place in my heart and above all I know that letting nature take its course is part of the cycle of life.

When the vet gave me the news I asked about herbal treatments that might help him or at least slow the progress if at all possible, and well she gave me some ideas that might help, such as getting him off the high carb deal he’s been on since I got him (dry dog food), giving him Salmon Oil (Omega 3) plus a senior multi-vitamin, giving rice with chicken or actual pieces of salmon, in short making his diet more “natural” less manufactured. I’ve got experience with this already because of my first dog was on a similar diet because of her medical issues, so its just a matter of calling up her old files and doing what we did for her.

So in short, we’re letting nature takes it course with Griff, nothing extraordinary is going to be dun save the standard giving him what foods and supplements might help make things easer on him in general.



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