Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed

Grumbles, growls, sighs

Yesterday was so NOT a good day for me, it started out not to badly (would have loved to have been able to sleep in), then on a standard site check of all my sites, I find that one of them has been hacked and utterly gutted, not to mention the person who hacked it had made it next to impossible for me to remove them from the system (some free CMSs are not as great as they could be, but then free of course is free). It took me almost 12 hours to get things straightened out and what had been back up can up and running.

I still have not been able to solve how the CMS was hacked, I’ve been looking though the site, where I got the CMS from and everything is up to date for the version I’m running, though I might upgrade to the latest version, if I can, not sure if I can yet or not, depending on how things are working. I really don’t wont to upgrade less I really have to. I also hope that the attack on the site was not from someone who will go back and do it again, cause if they do, not only will I be pissed off, but I might just think twice about the rede (k maybe not, but still its totally tempting).

Out side of working on that site, I’ve been talking with David and setting things up for today, which should prove interesting as we are going to the ROM for the Egypt exhibit, which we both are so looking forward to seeing. I for one am interested in seeing what my parents where able to see when they where at the British Museum and saw the Egyptian objects that I will be seeing, tomorrow. According to my folks, it is a fairly impressive display (though they don’t know exactly what’s been brought over for the tour, but its bound to be some of the most interesting objects), I remember when they first opened the Egypt section at the ROM in its new location (where it is now located) it was a fairly big event, and as a member we got first crack at seeing what the hype was all about, and it was worth it then, but they do need to update the exhibit unfortunately as its grown stale in my opinion. I remember also when the ROM opened the Bat Cave, it was a good opening and the Cave was good, but when I went through it a week later once it was open to the public, half of the things that had been opened at the time for members was turned off, and for me totally made the Cave something not to go back to, as in not worth the effort at all.

Oh well its getting late, I will post more as time passes, take care everyone



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