Second Life and work

Well it does appear that looking around and applying to various places within SL for SL based work has to degrees payed off, or rather might have dun so.

I applied at a place a while back because they where looking for dancers, and well yesterday did their orentation and got the dancer pack, so it does seem that I have online work on SL, it doesn’t pay much something like L$35 an hour type deal, but its better then what any of the camping cushions/chairs, etc where paying out for that time period.

The income will be welcomed since it will mean I’ll have a better chance at renting a place to showcase my stuff and sell stuff, once I figure out how to do so that is. Have the idea of how its dun, just don’t know the specifics of it as yet. But like everything given time I’ll figure it out and get things working to my liking or at least close enough there of.

I m not sure about the “job” deal, its so outside of what I know and am use to, that I don’t know if its going to work out, am at the club at the moment checking things out, and ack the place is jamed packed with ppl, sighs/growls its giving me second throught about dancing there. Oh well all i can do is try it out, and if it doesn’t work out then so be it.

Take care everyone,



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