Seasons Greatings and Happy Holidays Everyone

MM and BB Everyone,

Well the news for PathWalkers is growing stronger a few more days it would appear and PathWalkers will be ready for its offical relunch. Which means by January 1st, 2004, PathWalkers should be back up and running fully, baring a few minor editions to take palace.

The beta of PathWalkers is currently open for preview, but remember it is not the final version so there are a few bugs and errors that are being worked on.

I am also finishing up working on an eBook Book Of Shadows (in PDF), which should be posted for download sometime next month, not sure when it will be posted as I’m still editing and creating images for it. But thus far its well over 1,000 pages in length, which I’m wondering if some will find to many pages for a BoS, oh well maybe a take it or leave it deal is there. Well see, as yet I’ve not set if it will be that many pages or more, lol more likely more pages, as a few sections have rather sparce information at the moment, which I’d like to fill out further.

All in all from the feedback that I’ve gotten regarding PathWalkers I think that many will enjoy the redesign, as well as the look and better navigation.

Well take care everyone,



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