school almost over, but work not in sight :-(

Well I’ve been working on my various sites, and the revamp of my main site Nyxstium. is getting there, I have two pages of my protfoilo completed, just another 4 to go.

Well school is almost over and the job hunting continues, and continues, I am networking and networking, and I’m also sending out my resume to various places that catch my interest, have been for the past month and change, and no nibbles as yet. Sighs, I know likely what will happen is that I’ll apply to a few and they will all wont me, but ack at the moment its not a conforting though to see those e-mails and faxs go out and not even get a return call or e-mail, its most frustrating.

Oh well time passes and things change and change for the better, but not always for the present as its needed.



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